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I've been browsing the site, and noticed a few videos. Not only from montdoug ( which are amazing) but from google I have seen a number of really enjoyable videos. Hopefully this thread will be a single place where everyone can post their links to videos they have created or found of Cairns!

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Those movies are too funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase and Gus

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Chase and Gus video

Youtube- Best of Chase and Gus

Cairn Terrierists

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Keep in mind everyone, if you have a digital camera, more than likely you have a 30 second video feature on it! I completely forgot about this on my camera, so I am going to take a video of Mr. Barney and add it to this thread!!! We don't have a digital video camera yet, so this will have to suffice.

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The video's are great!!! Thanks for sharing.

I took mine using a digital camera, so it's not focused (or maybe it's just my inability!).

Here is Finch....notice Scout in the background acting VERY unimpressed...lol!


Here's another....the "duck" sounds just like a mallard (sp?)


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Finch looks very much like Gem :) How old is Scout? she looks quite a bit older


It has often been said if you have a Cairn Terrier in your home for a year you will have one for the rest of your life

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Janet, Scout is 4 years old and Finch is 2. We have had Scout since she was 10 weeks old, so she really is 4! :)

Maybe she looks older because she is a grey brindle?

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the videos are cute I have some video's of angel and Scotty on their dogster page the link is at the botton of my this page


Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really." - Carlotta Monterey O'Neill

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I love Digger's movie!

I got a new camera for X-mas and a 2 GB SD card for it for my birthday (day after X-mas!) so I've been taking videos like a madwoman for the past week due to the novelty of the camera.

Here is Currey chasing a laser pointer from earlier today. He really got "talking" at it this time!


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Gus too loves the laser light, so of course his feline buddy Merlin does as well.

The lighting is poor and my video camera is in my digital so it's poor quality, still it makes me giggle. I love these guys.

Gus will chase that laser light all over the yard at night, he and Merlin are after it at every opportunity. My wife and I have decided that if we are ever attacked by little tiny lights we are well and truly protected, it's a very secure feeling if being attacked by little tiny lights make you nervous.

Gus and the Laser Light 004

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I hope it's okay to post this link. I thought it was interesting to see someone else doing some stripping. I believe its a sample for you to buy a 40 minute dvd in the netherlands. This video is 54 seconds.


click on this link and scroll down and there is a video sample of stripping a cairn. They have other breeds too.

Just thought it was interesting. Wish I could understand the language!


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Direct link. That's pretty cool. Less than a minute and shows stripping with a knife and finger cots, plucking ears, and trimming feet. The example is of a total strip (what I might call "to the underwear") not rolling maintenance. Still, very interesting!

p.s. I was told that the music playing in the background sounded like a hit song from the play "Cats!"

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Okay, this is not a cairn, so I hope its okay, but its a wheaten scottie, which is darn close. I found a link to this from cnn.com, of all places. These folks have apparently found their way onto Good Morning America and some CNN program with this video being discovered on the internet.

The video itself is moderately funny. The fact that something like this was on the FRONT PAGE of CNN is what really cracked me up.

Here's the orginal video: http://mydatewithbarney.com/

And here's the cnn coverage of the video (also a video): http://www.cnn.com/video/player/player.htm....seeks.date.cnn

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Maybe I should have posted our snowy day movie here...Well here it is again anyway!!!


We're the Cairns of America

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