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    • karwask
      Sam I Am, Thanks, those are great suggestions that I have not though about. And/but let's see what the vet says as she is still devoted to me trying to feed kidney friendly items. I haven't figured out, yet, if this is the moment to just say f--k it, just getting him to eat at all is the goal now! 
    • Sam I Am
      Perhaps try a bit of scrambled eggs...dogs even if not overly thrilled about eating seem to like them. Also a bit of cottage cheese? I think at this point he gets to eat what he wants. Has your vet given anything for nausea as kidney disease seems to have that effect.?
    • karwask
      Thanks all, will look over attachments for ideas and information.  Thanks Lupinegirl, good suggestions and thoughts. Just tried broth and so far, not working but I suspect this is and will be a moving target and I should just keep on trying things.  Yes, seems to be eating things for awhile and then suddenly loses interest. Yes, bile every 9 hours or so, throwing up. Yes, he also has liver issues.  Good point about teeth. After this procedure and the time that has elapsed, he should not have any mouth discomfort at this juncture in time, however, when I was trying to get him to eat the kidney kibble and his old kibble, along with broth and cut up chicken/turkey, he did seem hesitant about the kibble part as if maybe his mouth is still bothering him so will try to keep that in mind.  Good to hear that your guy was able to keep on eating till the end. This is what I'm worried about. 
    • Lupinegirl
      Will he drink broth? Beef or chicken broth can get some nutrients in him at least and it might be a little easier to syringe feed him a squirt of broth if he won’t get up and drink it like water.  Some medicine can be crushed into powder and mixed with liquid.  I had trouble getting my fourteen year old guy to eat anything, even home cooked chicken.  He’d eat heartily for about two weeks and then suddenly decide nothing was appetizing. He threw up bile every nine hours that he went without eating and the last time his stomach got really upset, he had bile coming out the other end. He had really bad liver cirrhosis though.   Is it Jack’s teeth that are keeping him from eating? If he seems like he’s interested in raw food or home cooked food and he seems hesitant to mouth it, maybe you could get some baby Orajel to rub on his gums to ease any pain?  (My dog loved hamburgers. That was one of the few things I could get him to take interest in. I guess because it smelled more appetizing than boiled, baked, or sautéed chicken? My guy even refused fragrant things like bacon. I was pretty much beside myself back in late May when I thought he was going to starve himself, but he perked back up and ate heartily up until his last day...) 
    • karwask
      Hi All, I know this tread is from awhile ago and I am asking as my guy, Jack, age just ready to be 14 a rescue, has also just been diagnosed with stage 3 chronic kidney disease himself. It's a long story but it all started a few weeks ago with having a bunch of teeth removed, then we discovered along the way, gall bladder about the go and another surgery within 4 days of the teeth. Good news, he is recovering well, bad news, I'm finding it very difficult to manage him and worry about how this will all unfold.  Had started trying on the kidney diet food prior to all of this happening and after eating enthusiastically for a few weeks, would not touch the stuff. With the surgery and all, ended up with real turkey and chicken to get him eating again, which was touch and go, and he wasn't even interested in the old kibble that he used to scoff down enthusiastically before the kidney diet. So, it's a catch 22 that I will likely have to be dealing with till the end. If he's not eating, no way to administer medications to help with the CKD, any pain that comes up, nausea, etc. = this becomes unmanageable for me as it was after his dental surgery.   I did consult with a non-traditional veterinary practitioner and started him a raw food diet. That was amazing! He immediately started to eat as usual twice a day. I was able to get some of the meds in his food and I was thrilled. But then, today, not interested in eating at all, throwing up bile (I assume to be expected), sleeping a lot, etc. She gave me some herbs to try out, what did I have to lose but, again, when he wouldn't eat, no way to get it in him. Now, I'm navigating working with the traditional vet and the non traditional one and I'm hoping I can consult with my traditional vet upon her return from vacation later this week to try to make a plan for best way forward and options for how I can manage Jack.  So, my big concern is, as I said, my inability to manage him and the dire nature of the way this illness is likely to unfold. If I can't get him to eat, I also can't let him starve himself and endure the symptoms of the illness without medications. How is this going to go? I really, really do not want to have to be in a position to have to make the decision to euthanize Jack.  When he was at the hospital, it was a teaching hospital in Corvallis, OR, wonderful place and they have so much expertise and things to offer, it did come up that a feeding tube can be put in place (of course another surgery would be required for this and who knows how many thousands more in dollars:( but that way, if he's not eating he can be fed and meds administered. I don't want to put him through this but wonder if anyone has experience or thoughts about a feeding tube used this way?  Lastly, I'm sure I'll be talking about what more I can do at home with my primary veterinarian as I know likely with dehydration, I will have to administer sub Q hydration but I don't know what else I might be able to do when medications need to be on board and to keep him eating. Ironically, I do have an appetite stimulant but he wouldn't take it without tricking him with food.  thanks for listening and any thoughts/suggestions are much appreciated,    
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