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    echo-lean.jpg.4a38c0e011e0f0546dcbda80fd Welcome to Cairn Talk. You're welcome to browse as a guest although we encourage you to Sign Up and participate in the community. Members gain access to additional features and resources. Registration is fast and free.

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    • DogsSmarterThanMe
      So Dixie comes trotting up the driveway completely covered in the tiny burdock burrs. I suspect the husky had a helping paw. Suggestions for deburring?
    • Ripper70
      So sorry to hear this. So sad that we can't have them with us forever. Loki is sure to be in Doggie Heaven ruling the roost. The best dogs are all Cairn Terriers.
    • Hillscreek
      Old and young  - many cairns love to drag their beds around and "fix them up" they way they want them! Don't know much about digging inside. Many cairns including mine are great diggers outside. It used to be their job in ancient days. They dug into dens and chased out the owners to the hunters waiting.
    • bradl
      Welcome and hello. Digging at a spot can *sometimes* be a prelude to peeing or pooping, so it *might* be a means of signaling the advisability of trip outside. However, that said, his behavior does not sound too out of whack for a Cairn. Stuff like dragging a bed around the house sounds about right  
    • tmeyer91
      We adopted a 10 year old Carin Terrier  He was abandoned in front of our local SPCA. He has had a couple of hernia surgeries and has a heart murmur which we give enamapril.  Other than the expense of those procedures he has been a pretty relaxed dog. He does his cute growl and bitting motion when he wants to go on a walk. I work from home and he has slept most of the day. However, lately he has displayed oddly obsessive digging behavior. It started with him periodically "digging" at the carpet with his paws and sniffing the carpet. Lately he has become obsessive about his bed. He seems to have no off switch and drags his bed around the apartment. It is completely separated and he drags the cushion around.  He does this through the night sometimes. We have a vet appointment on Monday but we are not sure if this is something wrong or nothing. We did give Hydroxyzine for itching but we stopped once the behavior began after about a week. Other than that we have no other ideas what could be causing this behavior. Anyone have any similar stories with older terriers?
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