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    • Sam I Am
      Sam is not a poop eater except him and Rosie have discovered that cat poopcicles are tasty as do many many dogs, due to the high meat content in a lot of cat foods. It’s gross to us humans but totally ok with almost 100% of dogs. People that have cats and dogs cohabiting will tell you that the kitty litter box has to be out of reach of their canine companions.I just have to get rid of the cat by trapping ...unfortunately many cat owners are negligent owners and seem to think it’s fine to let them loose. It’s not the cats fault but the owners. Thanks for the varies ways to rid your yard of cats hints. Will read and see. Of course it can’t be toxic to both my dogs . In the summer it’s no problem as the hose on jet makes them stay away. Although I did one year have a feral male cat (he was huge) that sat on the fence mere feet away from me hiss and scream at me as I was hosing it down...scared the heck out of me. The two terriers came bounding up and at that point the cat decided that being attacked by these two was not a good option to a long life. I have never seen him again...thank goodness!
    • Ripper70
      Would it be possible to train Sam to not eat the poop? I've seen YouTube vids on several methods to accomplish this. A variety of devices could be used to repel cats as suggested here.
    • Sam I Am
      Yes we are actually in a just below freezing temp at the moment and climbing up above freezing in the next couple of days. . Climate in Alberta can be totally unpredictable . Changing within 24 hrs to bone chilling cold, dropping 30 degrees. Unfortunately we have feral cats that suffer terribly, losing ears, tails being  frozen off. I have managed to fence off part of the yard where the cat does potty and will live trap it in the spring and will hand it over to the humane society. 
    • sanford
    • pkcrossley
      cats can wander around Alberta this time of year and do their stuff outside?  tough cats.
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