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    • sanford
      Andy - I reread your post and this time I focused on your reference to your wife's "easily triggered asthma". At the risk of making assumptions, I'm guessing that you are concerned that you might have to rehome a new pup due to the asthma you described. No parent would want to have to tell their kids that they must give up the dog they've come to love. This leads me to ask if you've consulted with her  specialist/allergist, pulmanologist, immunologist. I am fairly certain this topic is common and familiar to such a doctor. Perhaps the Doc might do some tests or at the very least, give your wife some practcal guidelines. Considering all the impressive research you've done, this  might be an appropriate way to address this matter; making this the first, #1 issue at the top of your list.      
    • pkcrossley
      what he said. 
    • Hillscreek
      Think pk speaks for lots of us. Sometimes Angus would drive me to the edge with his 'I know better than you' or 'Don't bother me now I'm busy attitude' But he was always so lively and so full of fun. I had to laugh and somehow we grew to be the greatest friends.  Re coat My cairn's coat always smelled so fresh and sweet clean - no doggy" odor ever.  If you can be with your pup most of the time and can stand the endless supervision needed for the first year or two. And if you can get all the family to be consistent relating to him then the most fun and loving buddy will be your reward. Good luck to you!       arely had a bath. No"do  
    • bradl
      And welcome! Don't forget to vote in the photo contests  
    • bradl
      Dog allergies indeed seem to fall along a continuum, rather than be yes/no. My wife will be nearly suffocated by a half-hour exposure to a room with a pet bird in it,  yet we have lived with as many as six Cairns underfoot (two presently) and she reports no ill effects. She notes that she *does* experience slightly increased allergy symptoms when handling wee puppies (neonates to a couple weeks old). Meanwhile, her sister's Great Pyrenees will provoke more significant reactions after a couple hours.  So while not hypo-allergenic per se, for Peggy Cairns are at least "low or minimal allergy." As to their personalities I find Cairns irresistible, irrepressible, and irreplaceable. Challenging, sure. But for terrier folk that's a feature, not a bug  
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