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  2. Old pictures I don't know if I shared >_<

    I remember Fonzyy from back then and miss hearing about him. His brindle color may have changed, but I bet his personality is as wonderful as ever! Fonzyy is the best!πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Last week
  4. Annabelle Ruch

    Amazing Ruby
  5. Summer backyard visitors

    And no dog chasing them? A couple years ago I was on a beach in CA and some deer came down to the surf. I did not know that one stag was behind me. When Oban took off -- I think because he thought he could catch and take down that deer - he yanked my arm across my body so hard I had to have six months of physical therapy for my shoulder. I am careful with the retractable leash now... They are beautiful, though, aren't they?
  6. Toto Trot 2018

    And Alberta really isn’t that far....lots of good Scottish type terriers in our area. πŸ’•
  7. Toto Trot 2018

    I love the idea of the ghost balloons recalling cairns whose bodies are no longer with us but whose spirit still remains.
  8. Toto Trot 2018

    There is an annual event in NYC called the Tartan Day Parade. Bagpipes, drums, Kilts, etc., + a week of celebrations. Best of all, Scottie and Westie owners are encouraged to bring their pooches. Tried to attend, but no luck so far. I’m told this year there were 1 or 2 Scottish Deerhounds and always cairns as well. You can see pix online.
  9. Toto Trot 2018

    Looks like great fun! Perhaps you could also add another event: the "Running of the Cairns".
  10. Toto Trot 2018

    All Cairns want to be in the lead, or so it seems. Dundee finally settled down to a loose lead walk β€” after 1.25 miles We had 19 Cairns checked in, but I think due to owner infirmity one possibly stayed back at the registration table to chat and visit. One charming thing was a member who brought two dogs was able to loan one of them to a Cairnless supporter. This was a couple who had come 300 miles (!) to the event because they had recently lost their Cairn and correctly surmised the event might be a good place to get a Cairn fix. The Cairn force is strong. pk, love the visual. Imagine the pandemonium cairndemonium along the way
  11. Toto Trot 2018

    can you go on the road? i'd love the toto trot to come to my town. it can snowball, as you cross the country hundreds more join. end with ticker tape down Fifth Avenue.
  12. Toto Trot 2018

    Ha ha I was thinking exactly the same Sanford!
  13. Toto Trot 2018

    Wow! I counted 18 cairns... An impressive turnout! (It was somewhat reassuring to see that most of them were constantly pulling ahead on the leashes as they walked... Just like Ruffy does - except when he's stubbornly pulling in the opposite direction!πŸ˜€ No loose-leash walking with these guys... I guess it must be a "cairn thing").
  14. Toto Trot 2018

    I think we should organize something like this in Minnesota as fundraiser too! It's a really good cause- and looks like loads of fun.
  15. Toto Trot 2018

    While a smaller event than some years the Toto Trot this year still managed to raise over $500 for our designated beneficiary. We had a nice walk through a park on a pretty pleasant summer morning. Not too hot and the rain didn't start until we were all packed up and on our way home. Perfect for people and dogs! Helping us with the Oz theme we had two great Dorothy's β€” here's adorable junior Dorothy, aka Georgia. I put some photos on our club album here (other members sometimes add more photos later). By great good fortune while planning the event I learned we had a piper in the neighborhood and he graciously gave us a proper start to our walk.
  16. Sam and Rosie

    Wonderful pix of the pooches and giant sunflowers that grow only in the land of Oz!πŸ˜€
  17. Sam and Rosie

    From puppyhood onward
  18. Luxating Patella

    Thank you, Martha. The loss was very difficult for me to deal. In fact, I am just starting to heal. People say they are just dogs but not our Cairns Best to you and Nancy!
  19. Luxating Patella

    I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful, sweet companion. I, too, think that Nancy can live forever although I will be happy with whatever years she can be my companion. I agree that this luxating patella seems to be a Cairn trait. As long as the "good" Cairn traits are included then I will accept the patella problem and deal with it as needed.
  20. The latest: https://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/ResourcesforYou/AnimalHealthLiteracy/ucm616279.htm?utm_campaign=8-10-2018-DCM&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua
  21. Researchers have uncovered new details in how the olfactory epithelium develops. The new knowledge could help scientists prove that turbinates and the resulting larger surface area of the olfactory epithelium are one definitive reason dogs smell so well. View the source article
  22. Luxating Patella

    Martha, your little girl sounds like my pup who I lost on Labor Day. Nothing slowed her down. Her death was ultimately a surprise for me. I thought she would live forever (Mama's wish, eh). She moved like a rabbit right up until a month before she turned 14. She had ACL issues but I am pretty she did some hopping and skipping. This sounds like a common issue among Cairns that I need to keep a watch!
  23. Luxating Patella

    Little Nancy has this condition since she was around 4 years or so (she will be 11 in September). When she runs the left back leg joint pops out of place and she keeps running on 3 legs; the bone pops back in place and on she goes. She does not show any pain; I talked to the vet and she agreed surgery was not needed, mostly because of her age and she seems to be dealing with it. Apparently she doesn't have time for an out-of-joint leg, being outside has so much more to offer.
  24. Luxating Patella

    no i did NOT meet carrington and i so regret it. i'm not sure steps are a close second, only for this reason --as i said, none of my dogs (or cats) fail(ed) to use the ramp, but not a single one of them would ever use any kind of stairs or steps. clearly something going on in their universe i don't know about. my redmon was a mad leaper too but once he got used to the ramp he decided he could live without the aches and pains in his back from all those landings.
  25. Luxating Patella

    sanford, a portion of your comments made me laugh (fond memories) and sad. Both of my former Cairns, one with ACL and tendon issues, leaped off beds and decks before I could stop them. As you stated, the bed became off limits as well as the deck due to these behaviors. On a side note: I am not sure if my little girl pup recognizes her own limitations or not; however, she does not go up high stairs yet or downstairs! This may be due to the fact that she is off limits in so many areas and still confined to playpens all over the house due to her scary "garbage dog" tendencies. She does take off on a run for the rabbit at amazing speeds with no hops or pain, yet
  26. Just an update to let you know we are pleased with Fromm Adult Classic, both dogs are transitioning very well to it with no problems, my neighbor's dog is okay with it too (she preferred Zignature). I suspect Fromm Classic may be a bit bland in comparison. We consider kibble to be the base, we always add to it, especially a little water. I have discovered that you can buy it directly from Fromm https://www.gofromm.com/fromm-family-classic-adult-dog-food It's reasonable! Just thought I would mention, in case anyone else has been advised by their vet to switch to a grain inclusive food, at least till the results of the investigation are in. We have been mixing it 1/2 and 1/2 with the Zignature, but will soon be going completely over to Fromm Classic :-) Never had any problems with Zignature, may even go back to it after this grain free scare is over.
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  28. Airlines are not the only organizations grappling with the complexities surrounding emotional support animals. Colleges and courts are also questioning the need for these animals and the effects they may have on students and juries, respectively, according to new research. View the source article
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