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  2. Hi! When do you strip the coat for the first time? My Cairn is four months old. And incredibly cute. I brush her every day, in an effort for her to develop good "table manners". She's pretty squirmy, though! Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much that's exactly how I felt !
  4. I agree, and had the same reaction to my vet when she drew blood and also left a large shaved bare spot. As you mentioned, my vet explained the necessity of preventing infection from a stray hair possibly coming in contact with the site where the blood was drawn, which is why they shave such a large area. But I feel very strongly that vets should let us know in advance what they are planning to do! After all... It's our dog, and we are paying for the procedure. Informing the owner should be the standard of care❗️
  5. As each day passes Sam and Rosie are becoming the best of friends (unless there is food, then there is trouble). Today Sam went a bit crazy and must have done 10 minutes of zoomies around Rosie, tail tucked low, ears flattened, running like a crazed goose. Dive bombing Rosie while passing by her. She just sat there and I wonder if she remembers those crazy days when you thought you could out run the wind. I remember those day as a young girl! You were sure that if you lifted your arms you would take flight. Sam has discovered the tree rat. That annoying chirping squirrelly that has been taunting Rosie for months. Now that there are two terriers in the yard I wonder if it's just a matter of time when this noisy rodent meets his maker. Terriers....gotta love them.
  6. Thanks, I guess I was shocked by seeing him jump from 8.11 to 14.6 in two months, but I am grateful that he's a healthy pain in the butt baby!
  7. At 17 weeks of age Rocky weighed in at 12 and 1/2 pounds (He is almost 2 years old now and weighs 24 pounds) Gus at 17 weeks of age weighed in at 12 pounds. At 22 weeks, weight was 14 and 1/2 pounds.
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  9. She actually is starting to be a good big sister. Seems to love playing with him and I actually caught her sleeping right beside his x-pen...although I am sure she will deny that.
  10. Glad to hear Sam is getting along. Poor Rosie doesn't want to get along with this kid. She will get used to it after a while.
  11. Ha! Thank you love this site, love my cairn peeps!
  12. Yep he'll be as hairy as ever in no time!
  13. Whew! Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement .
  14. Fear not - his hair will grow back. I predict it will start to fill in within a week and a month from now you'll barely be able to see where it was shaved.
  15. Has anyone's dog been shaved for blood draw? My vet shaved his paw /leg first, he couldn't get blood so he next shave his neck😡😡, Otis is getting neutered next week . Both were done with an electric shaver . I know it's because of cleanliness of infection or whatever, but he could've prepared me, and his neck is shaved uneven. Good thing is his blood work came back great . Question is, when will his hair grow back on his paw/leg and his neck ? thanks!
  16. Thank you so much this is why I love this site !
  17. I wouldn't worry about him weighing in at 14.6 pounds. Sam was 11pounds at 12.5 weeks. He will be around 20 pounds when full grown. Cairns seem to come in many sizes and as long as they aren't fat, are healthy and have lots of energy I wouldn't be concerned.
  18. Did I mention I love my little SAM. He is going to grow up to be an awesome Cairn. We have started a daily morning walk (about 1 mile) with his big sister Rosie also. I don't think Rosie is to keen on all this darn exercise..."really is this necessary Mum and Dad, can't the kid just go back from whence he came". Part of the walk is beside a busy 4 lane road, with cars, trucks etc wizzing by. I don't particularly like the noise but we do live in a big city and I am glad to see that Sam could care less. Rosie hates it and can't walk fast enough to get back to the quiet areas we walk on. Sam is unfazed by thunder, lightening, people or any other sort of noise. I am glad of this and hopefully it will continue. I am introducing him as much as possible to other people (he loves everyone ) and other friendly dogs of all sizes. He sits now when told, is learning to heel, although that falls apart completely when something more exciting comes into his vision. We are still working on the no bite and I find that the best way to deal with this is a strong verbal no command, curl my fingers inward and yelp . I must look and sound like and idiot but it works. The flipping on the side turned out to not work and just ramps up his Terrier fight mode. So I stopped doing that and it's much better now. I am amazed how much energy this little creature has, running and playing and wrestling with his large sister, and then able to totally flop down and go into a deep sleep in minutes. Wish I had that ability! Next week we start puppy classes. Knowing Sam, he will think it's just another wonderful adventure.
  19. Otis love blueberries, and mini carrots , he used to love watermelon, but got sick of it . I really don't think that weight was right as he weigh in with his leash on also . I can feel his ribs on the side and his backbone so I don't know where he got that number. As long as I know he's healthy, that's all it matters to me.
  20. Our dogs love anything crunchy, cucumber is a favourite as are the ribs of romaine lettuce.
  21. Otis is 29 weeks and he's getting neutered next week . He weighed in 14.6, we walk 2 miles a day not counting trips outside during the day. He's very athletic, but I want to keep his weight down , as I feel they are prone to gain weight. I don't overfeed him, he gets wellness dog food, 1 cup a day. The only other thing he gets is a peanut butter Kong, when I go out and he's in his crate, I might switch this to plain yogurt instead. Anyone else have any suggestions ? thanks!
  22. You’ve probably heard the expression “a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s mouth" at least once in your life. Most of us have just accepted this as fact, when we think about it at all, but have you ever wondered if it is… View the source article
  23. Looks like he has all sorts of mischief in store for you!
  24. When disaster strikes, you want the very best tools, functioning at their peak. In the case of catastrophic earthquakes, tornadoes, or even bombings in war zones, those tools are search and rescue dogs. But researchers have found that getting dogs to disaster sites can add to the animals' stress. View the source article
  25. Climate change may be harming the future of African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) by impacting the survival rates of pups, according to one of the first studies on how shifting temperatures are impacting tropical species. View the source article
  26. Thanks for the helpful feedback, everyone. From this day forward, rawhide is banned from the premises!👍 P.S. Bradl - I tried the Galileo chew some time ago. Ruffy's comment:!
  27. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that hearts are important, and so it is understandable to be concerned if your veterinarian diagnoses your dog with a heart murmur. Before you panic, however, there are a few things you need to know. … View the source article
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