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  2. Sam minus his puppy coat

    They're so precious at that age. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Sam minus his puppy coat

    Cute cat 😻 Just kidding, he's looking sharp.
  5. Sam minus his puppy coat

    Sam went to his breeder yesterday as he really needed to have his coat done. I swear we could have built another dog with the amount taken off. 😋 Already the coat is getting course and wiry. It should grow in nicely. Until that time he looks kind of naked.
  6. I looked like an idiot, but thanks, Brad

    This kinda reminded me of a time I was walking Robby in the park. At the end of walks he sometimes becomes stubborn and starts dragging his feet trying to get him to cross the parking lot.For awhile I found that if I would race him I could get him to run.Well this time halfway there he grabbed me by the pant leg ,I tripped and fell sliding across the asphalt.I lay there for a few seconds and he come up to me looking me over really good with a concerned look on his face..until I started to get up then he started doing his little dance he does sometimes when he thinks something is so funny....
  7. I looked like an idiot, but thanks, Brad

    Glad it worked out! I suspect it may only work once or twice per dog ... probably they eventually wise up and leave us over-acting on the ground
  8. Thanks, Brad, for saving our dog from harm. We arrived in Pacific Grove, CA, last Thursday, where we will spend the next month. (We rent a little house here just a short block to the ocean for a month.) We were unloading the car when Oban charged out the front door. We called, but he was heading towards the only "sorta" busy street here, just a house away. Steve was calling, but he wasn't coming back. I dropped to the sidewalk yelling "ouch, ouch, ouch" and rolled around. He turned, looked curious, and headed back to me at a run. I grabbed his harness, and he was safe again. Steve was surprised at my ingenuity, and I explained I had read about the technique in a post from Brad on CairnTalk. THANKS!
  9. Starting to Groom Puppy

  10. GrizzlysMom

    Pictures of Grizzly Bear
  11. Starting to Groom Puppy

    Well here is a try at first resized picture. I did an album with one pic too but not resized. He loves getting under couch and belly crawling. He just disappears then we will call for him and suddenly out pops his head like peek a boo.
  12. Starting to Groom Puppy

    If you create a member album for yourself in the Gallery you can upload bigger photos and then link or embed smaller versions. Ask in Forum Support if you run into specific questions. We love photos so you’re bound to get help Or, use an app to resize photos.
  13. Mobile phone cameras are so good that their images are suitable for printing. But that means they are far too large for online use without resizing them down. My phone photos are synced automatically to my desktop so I generally resize photos on my desktop (using Apple's free Preview application) and upload them into posts from my desktop. But sometimes all we have is a photo on our camera roll. How to make these high-resolution images smaller and more suitable for use in a post? If you search online for phone resizing apps you will find dozens. So this is just one I found for IOS (iPhone) that seems to work, is relatively simple, and has a free version and paid version (.99). The free version adds a relatively mild watermark; paying less than a dollar gives you a version that has no watermark. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picture-resizer-free/id1059246327?mt=8 Here is a screenshot of the app: Here is a random image off my phone pulled into the resizing app: Note the original image is 4032 x 3024 pixels and over 3MB in size. Too big for use in a post. By touching the "S" (or by sliding the slider at the bottom) I resize the image. Touch the disk icon to save the resized image to your camera roll. After saving: Image resized to Small (640 x 480) and only 82KB in size, well within posting limits. Medium (1024 x 768) is also a good size for images where you want to make a bigger impact. As long as the resulting file size in bytes is smaller than your upload limit, you can use the slider or touch the dimensions to make the photo any size you want. I apologize for only having an IOS recommendation at this moment. If you use an Android device and use a resizing app that you recommend, please share. Thanks!
  14. Last week
  15. Starting to Groom Puppy

    Thanks so much for your advise. I will have to look into a table maybe a portable one as I know I won’t be able to do most of his grooming do to my health but would love to brush him as part of our time. I have started trying to just get a few strokes and a treat so we’re heading in right direction it sounds like I just need to get his full attention (getting on table) for few minutes so he knows this is Grooming time not play time. I looked watvhed the video that’s in another series by accident and am so glad that’s what you have showing what it should look like. I’m going to look at handstripping and see if I think I can but read some last night and tried a little today but either his coat isn’t ready or I didn’t understand doing it as nothing came out. He is just now 13 weeks is that too early? Thanks again for any advice. I tried to upload a pic but all mine say to large. Don’t have a clue as they’re taken with iPhone so not sure how to downsize.
  16. Starting to Groom Puppy

    He sounds like a normal Cairn pup at that age. Everything is a game of some sort. A grooming table and noose will help contain the whirlwind. Also invest in a lot of days of quick "up on the table, brush-brush (couple seconds), treat, down off the table" 30-second grooming sessions. Better than winning a war is to not get in one. Over time you'll be able to spend as much as a minute brushing him
  17. Starting to Groom Puppy

    I just got my 13 week old Cairn puppy Grizzly a few weeks ago. I had a Jack Russell before that was 14 and a slight brushing was all he needed. I've researched what my little guy needs but am having a horrible time getting him to let me attempt to brush him. He would much rather eat the brush than let me use it. I don't remember it being this difficult with my previous baby when I starting brushing with him. Any suggestions on how to get him used to the idea would be great. I've bathed him and hair dryer was disaster so towel dried and tug a war with towel was how it went. I did get his nails ground and he whined and squirmed like crazy but I expected that. Really could use help on how to get him to let me brush him. Tried toy distractions and when he's sleeping with no luck.
  18. Oran climbs Scottish Mountains

    There's no getting around the love for these rugged, fierce, little guys! Thanks for the post!
  19. Westminster

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you. Not up to standard we would wish for.
  20. Westminster

    Some years the breed video is pretty good. I don't believe this was one of those years.
  21. changing avatar pic

    Good job
  22. Westminster

    kinda like watching paint dry! steve
  23. Feeding for Puppy

    Corn Niblet: I get a kick out of Rocky sleeping and Gus being active Flatpick: Piper sounds a lot like Trina. Trina is crazy and goes all the time! She runs so fast in circles in the yard. She could give a rabbit a run for their money; she almost caught one Thank you!
  24. changing avatar pic

    I figured it out! steve
  25. changing avatar pic

    how do I change my avatar pic? Piper is no longer a 2 month old puppy! steve
  26. Feeding for Puppy

    Piper gets 1/3 C @ 0900, 1/3 C @ 1200 and 1/3 C at 1700. she is 2.25 Y/O and 21 lbs of solid muscle, no fat. She runs alot/ fast and is very active. If she could she would eat 24/7.
  27. Introducing our new girl

    NO bark? kidding right? whew, I thought it was soooo cute the first time Piper let out a woof. Now she's the world's best Cairn watchdog. Her excitement for many things gets her screeching beyond belief. earplugs required in the car if she sees another D-O-G. we have to spell it. steve
  28. Feeding for Puppy

    2 and 1/2 year old Rocky gets 1/4 cup of food a.m. and p.m. And 1 year old Gus is getting 1/2 cup plus 1/2 of a 5.5 oz can a day. Gus is very active and burns his calories, Rocky prefers to sleep most of the day.
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