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  2. Had a report today from my friend on how Angus is doing after nearly three weeks with his new buddies. My friend always refers to him as 'dear Angus'. She says she so happy to have him with her. She says Angus and the hound dog pup are best friends and play and wrestle and do everything together. As a result Angus is putting on muscle - and she says - seems to be getting a deeper voice! That's my boy. You can imagine how good that makes me feel! I am letting more time go by till I visit. Want to make sure that he is truly her dog and completely at home with the doggy/mule crowd which certainly seems to be happening.
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    Just like Idaho says re Sammi and Bonnie, Ruffy wages a war with me when it comes to stripping. I decided not to defeat him in battle and sue for peace instead, by resorting to clippers. I realize this is a sacrilege to many on this site, but I have to live with Ruffy and they don't! Controversial as this video may be, it was a godsend for me and I am greatly appreciative that Brad took the time to pass it along to the "grooming challenged" among us, although I must add that the skill and speed of that groomer's flashing steel "scissorhands" was definitely intimidating and made me wince. I've always been of 2 minds re the cairn's appearance - liking the natural look and thick texture of the untrimmed coat on the one hand, but also admiring a properly stripped coat, conforming to the shape and contours of the body, as the video points out. P.S. If Alfie is worthy of being called a cairn terrier, after a few days at the dog run, you'd never know he was groomed at all!
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    I have to agree with you Hillcreek, the rounded facial hairs look more like Westie cut. I also prefer a scruffy face.
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    Don't mean the angry face sorry. Just wanted to say that cairn's face seems trimmed to be rounded and 'pretty' ! Somehow I don't associate that bare face round the eyes with a cairn Where is the foxy look? On topic and with arthritis like others I was always too scared to use scissors. With Angus just pulled or left shaggy!
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    Brad, that first set looks like what the groomer in the video was using, dull tips and all--I might have to order a set. BTW, both Sammi and Bonnie being conscientious objectors to any form cooperation when being groomed/restrained, especially in regard to any commands/demands that would keep them from sitting when they were asked to stand and standing when told to sit are evil eyed and in a nasty snit over the video. Yes, they heard the electric clippers and the "snip, snip, snip, snip" of the groomer, they know what it is and what it might portend for their general comfort in this home. They believe in shags, shaggy, un-groomed, naturally odorized , and unhandled self grooming and do not expect to be touched except when contact is initiated by themselves. They would, no doubt, think the Cairn in the video was a weenie and very UNCAIRNLIKE in its willing cooperation with the evil mistress of the torture chamber depicted. I will have to watch the video when they are outside, attempting (unsuccessfully), for the 1001st time, squirrel assassination.
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    I'd have to look much closer but they seemed to be straight shears, perhaps something like these: I've never tried using the tip tip she describes — I do always worry about a mishap so I have from time to time used some sort of round-tip baby scissors I picked up at the drugstore. Mostly though I find the ear felt pretty fast and easy to pull by hand (I too have arthritis) although shears are certainly faster. A longer more versatile version of my drugstore baby scissors might be something like these: (Images are Amazon links.)
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    The groomer is an absolute wizard with those thinning scissors!
  10. Sounds like a Cairn to me. LOl I've been told off a time or 2 ( or a million) by Kelly.
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    Those were very informative. Looks easy enough. Funny thing is, believe Kelly would rather I strip her. She fights when I get out the clippers to do her bottom and paws. She stands still through most of the stripping.
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    That was helpful! Not sure our groomer will take the time but what this does permit is for us to let the groomer get the dog to a near finished state and then finish the dog ourselves. Not sure my old arthritic hands will allow the continued shaping but I can try. What were those close trim scissors? The ones she did the ears with, using on the tip of the scissors--give me a name--ear trimming is always dicey with the trim scissors I use--either my fingers or the dog's ears are at constant risk.
  13. Kelly loves to dig, but hasn't bothered trying to get out. The kids left the gate partially opened one day and she stood looking at it, and barked until we came and closed it. Prissy hates digging but is our escape artist she finds a way to get out without digging. Our soil is hard clay and she managed to get out several times without digging. It has been a year since she has gotten out though.
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  15. Choosing to clipper your Cairn doesn't mean it must wear an unflattering buzzcut. This is an outstanding video demonstrating that even dogs clipped and scissored can carry a flattering Cairn outline. This would be a terrific resource to share with your groomer if they are giving you back a schnauzer, westie, or yorkie when you asked for a Cairn I would probably offer to pay for the extra half-hour it would take them to watch it. It's really good. At the very least or if you're in a hurry the last few minutes (from 32:25 on) summarizes the concepts applied (the second embedded video, below, should start at the summary).
  16. We used to have chain link, and my first dog, a small terrier-like mixed breed, figured out how to worm his way under it. I got tent stakes to tack down the fence and it worked well. I think lawn staples (like the ones we use to keep down soaker hose) would work well too.
  17. i would trust your instinct to recognize the cairn inside any sort of improbable-looking dog.
  18. I was at the grocery store this afternoon. After walking around doing my shopping my back started to ache. I sat at the bench outside to let it relax. A lady came by with a little dog. It had short legs, a long body, and a long snout. It looked like a Cairn but it had a poodle like coat. A mix of some kind. She tied it to the bike rack. I told her I would keep an eye on it for her. When she came out this little dog started barking at her like crazy. The dog didn't like being left outside and not taken into the store with the owner. I told the owner you are being told off for leaving the dog outside. She said yes she does that. Makes me think there was part Cairn in this dog. Cairns have no problem telling you off when they are not happy.
  19. Of all the discussions about which human foods are safe for dogs, spinach may be one of the most controversial. Let’s start by remembering that dogs in the wild are carnivorous. If meat sources are scarce, they may eat vegetation to supplement their… View the source article
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  21. It also depends on the soil. If you have hard clay a serious excavation takes longer. If you have nice black garden soil with lots of organic matter in it, a tunnel under a fence will be a piece of cake for a determined Cairn. We have great garden soil but luckily none of our dogs have ever shown an interest in digging - other than the occasional shallow fact-finding mission.
  22. Dogs, unlike cats, possess omnivorous tendencies that have them licking their chops over almost any human food, whether those foods are good for them or not. As owners, we tend to assume incorrectly that all fruits and vegetables must be healthy for dogs… View the source article
  23. Keep dreaming Brad... Blink your eye, and the determined little are in Perth!
  24. A study of dog DNA has revealed a genetic mutation linked to flat face shapes such as those seen in pugs and bulldogs. View the source article
  25. Miscreants.
  26. I think that's how I would deal with the matter--simple observation, turn the Cairns loose in the fenced area and watch their behavior. We have never had a Cairn that was a digger so we have no experience with what they can accomplish in terms of digging. I do know that there are devices that can be attached to chained link fences to make the bottom rigid--they look somewhat like twisted welding irons--that would not prevent digging under but would prevent the dogs from using a "soft" spot in the fence to get out. I would think that by simply watching your dogs' behaviors early on you will get an idea of what and how they treat their new environment and it would also give you a head start on any behavior modifications you need to make with the miscreants.
  27. Our house had a pretty sketchy old wooden fence when we got our first Cairn. We blocked up the obvious broken boards etc. I looked out one day to see Barley at the fence-line sort of punching each board, one after the other, to see if she could locate a loose one. I went to home depot and got a couple rolls of that green vinyl-coated garden fence (I think maybe two feet high?) and stapled it to the entire run of fence. That took care of that until we replaced the fence. I personally don't worry about digging that much because it typically takes them long enough that their spot is given away and we can reinforce that area. Plus they are not left unsupervised out there more than few minutes at a time so the main thing is to slow them down so you can catch them in the act, moreso than creating a Cairn Alcatraz.
  28. Thanks, everyone. You know, I never thought of it as a strangulation device. Duh. I will think of something. So far, all the homes we can afford are on corners or busy streets so I'm petrified of them slipping under. I usually stay out with them, but you know how quick they are! Thanks again.
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