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  2. Cairn movies list

    A berger pickard played the dog in "Winn Dixie", and I think they chose the breed because it does not look like a dog someone would breed. At the same time, they could train several dogs that looked similar, so that folks would believe that one dog was acting in the movie. BGs have a very tousled coat, somewhat like a cairn's, though they are bigger. We have someone locally who breeds and shows them, so I do see them around town once in a while. Folks always seem surprised that it is really a breed. With a cairn, though, folks know it is a dog breed. Unfortunately, they cannot remember much but "Toto."
  3. Cairn movies list

    Ask any movie star, that perfect casual scruffy look is expensive to obtain and maintain. Cairns get it for free Every time I do the "stand for exam" on a Keeshond in obedience class I admire their airy fluffy coat, but for some reason nothing compares to the harsh coat of a Cairn; it is somehow utterly compelling. Haystacks rule!
  4. Cairn movies list

    7th Heaven (1996 to 2007) I see Cairn https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1254022/bio?ref_=nm_ov_bio_sm http://7thheaven.wikia.com/wiki/Happy Cairns tend to have that scruffy look, I think that's why they are often cast to portray strays and lost dogs. My hairdresser looked at my cairn (whom I groom daily and use a stripping tool once a week) and said, doesn't he need to have something to done to his hair? He thought my dog's hair looked very dry and needed a conditioning shampoo, lol I tried to explain to him that the breed is supposed to look like that :-/ I am sure he would look nicer if I had him professionally groomed, but considering that his haircut would cost more than mine, that's not happening.
  5. Cairn movies list

    great site. i wonder if there is any recognizable breed that is featured in movies more often than cairns? clearly cairns are radiating charisma and are irresistible on screen. i wonder if they are rivaled by any other breed? my guess is that jack russells, pit/staffordshire crosses and goldens are in the running. but who really has the most movies on their list?
  6. Cairn movies list

    Episode 9 of the Amazon series "Tin Star" either has a Cairn Terrier puppy or one of those white Cairn Terrier wannabees (Westie). Hard to tell as someone is always holding the little guy. And once off leash in the dark it takes off. (Must be a Cairn). Mature audiences only btw.
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  8. Sam, horrendous winds and rain

    A wonderful horse I had many years ago reached over the fence and ate all the beans...they were all cropped the same height...because it’s as far as Pappy could reach! We weren’t very popular with our neighbour. Pappy also did the same to his raspberries!
  9. Sam, horrendous winds and rain

    And our first cairn, Annie, was fond of green beans. For a while we wondered why all beans lower than 3 feet high were nipped in half. Then we caught her in the act...
  10. Sam, horrendous winds and rain

    Mmmmmm...no doubt when he sees me pull a carrot out of the ground, his Cairn brain will put two and two together and well the rest will be history and a very dirty mud covered Cairn.😈
  11. Cairn humour

    The great marigold killer - what does he get from this? Silly dog...
  12. Cairn humour

    (posted via youtube for @Kathryn)
  13. Cairn humour

    Not Cairn-specific but could could be related.
  14. Cairn humour

    Brodie just severed my husbands iPhone 8 charging cord....aaaghgghhh!!!!
  15. Sam, horrendous winds and rain

    Amazing garden. I wonder if Sam will nibble any of the fruits of your labors. I vaguely recall a critter in our back yard stealing tomatoes
  16. Cairn humour

    Have had a couple Cairns over the years, and now Dougal is our latest family member. Either I'm getting much older or this breed has evolved into something much faster than I recall. To sum it up, Dougal came without an on/off button. He will be 6 months of age on June 22nd, and the puppy tooth stage is almost a memory. Miracles can happen...lol. In summary he is becoming more mature and a joy to be around. How can one get upset when they are so darn cute. Cairns also are cheap entertainment providing new things to laugh at every day. Dougal is now 11.2 lbs and will probably be on the small side, which we prefer....easier to pick up. He has alreadyt taken several 5 hour trips back and forth to my property in eastern Washington which has helped him become a good traveler. Sits up and looks out his car seat at all the world has to offer. My son's dog Rico who is five, is his ranch buddy providing hours of playtime while we are over there working. When they first met, Rico was more than twice Dougal's size, but now they are almost equal size wise.
  17. Sam, horrendous winds and rain

    Lovely garden! We don't let Oban into our over the summer...
  18. Cairn humour

    Remember when you were a kid and you'd be given an orange sliced with the peel on, then you'd put the peel in your mouth between your teeth and lips, and turn and smile at your friends with nothing but orange peel showing? Loki grabbed something on the morning walk one day when he was a pup. I didn't see what it was, but he turned to me and all I saw was orange peel and his smile.
  19. Cairn humour

    Tag team: Haggis used to be able to leap high enough to grab a sponge off the countertop. He didn't do anything other than fetch the sponge — he was giving them to Barley so SHE could turn it into a pile of sponge-crumbs. Just a thoughtful, helpful guy.
  20. Cairn humour

    Did I forget to mention that last week Brodie stole a tampon from my granddaughter's purse - the poor boyfriend had to retrieve it!!! AAGGGHHH!!!
  21. Brad L.

    A collection of images that I enjoy for one reason or another.
  22. As we all know living with a Cairn especially a young Cairn has its challenges..an under statement ! I was worried this year with new plants, new veggies in my raised garden Sam would dig, run through and basically destroy all I had planted . To my surprise he has learned from last fall that certain parts of my yard are off limits. I am happy to say that the veggies and flower garden are doing just great. Of course the stream of death(my garden Hose on jet stream) is a major deterrent.🤣👍 I am also amazed that given the horrendous winds and rain we have experienced here in the last 3 days it also hasn’t destroyed anything. Yesterday the garden looked pretty beat up but with the sun and light winds they have all bounced back. We were lucky and didn’t get the huge hail storms some of the surrounding areas got.
  23. Research indicates that for wolves to be effective at directly reducing red deer numbers and allowing nature to recover in the Scottish Highlands they may need to be reintroduced to very large fenced reserve. View the source article
  24. Cairn humour

    When Robby was a pup he would steal stuff and chew it up .when i would find whatever it was his tail would wag and his body would shake like he was trying to laugh but just wasn't able to make the sound.
  25. Cairn humour

    Hillscreek, that's a cute story. So "Cairn"... I could see the whole scene in my mind while reading it. Thanks for sharing.
  26. Cairn humour

    Look at Brodie's sweet face! I'd think you'd be making all this stuff up except I know better. I may have told this story before but here it is again.Young Angus liked to work to get visitors' attention. So I thought it best to put him on the leash (a lightweight cotton one I always use). Visitor came. We chatted. Angus sat quietly by the side of my chair while we talked. I was secretly SO pleased........was he finally learning to be "a good boy" when I needed him to be? Then all of a sudden a furry cairn jumped on my visitor's lap! What??!! How could this be? Looking down I saw a leash chewed through. Looking back up the other end was dangling from his collar. What could we do but laugh and grudging admit he was a smart boy to sit so sweet and quiet and be so naughty at the same time!
  27. Cairn humour

    It’s a miracle our Cairns reach old age given their garbage gut appetites. Never a dull moment that’s for sure. Why are they so darn naughty?
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