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  2. Sam I Am

    A little bit of humour

    Admittedly true....at least in our household.😈
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  4. Sam I Am

    Baby Sam meeting his cousin for the first time 2017

    Yikes she is big
  5. bradl


    Won't somebody throw the monkey for me?
  6. bradl


    Meal … nap … meal … nap.
  7. Kathryn

    Spring in Edmonton Alberta....yippee 😛

    Islander -- my two are getting really shaggy too...Angus in particular...I could strip him easily if he would put up with it...but he gets really snappy when I try to pull a little out...it is so ready it is really easy if it were not for the threat to my fingers... I think I will end this year with two yaks.
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  9. Islander

    Spring in Edmonton Alberta....yippee 😛

    Another plus - the cold weather will keep people indoors. Here in Victoria, it is glorious spring and too many people are walking around outside and it can be difficult to maintain appropriate distance. Gus and I go for two walks a day as usual, but we have given up on our off leash romps. I don’t want him running up to other dogs or their people. Long walk in the morning when the streets and parks seem to be emptier. He is getting pretty shaggy - I have never stripped him myself! I did clip the hair around his eyes so that we could make eye contact. I live alone (missing my kids and grandchildren terribly though we see each other online) so I am super glad to have Gus for company - he could be just a bit cuddlier though!!
  10. Sam I Am

    Spring in Edmonton Alberta....yippee 😛

    and that’s a good thing? 🤣 Sam......stripping coat....growling...I hate you mum...ggggrerrr.
  11. bradl

    Spring in Edmonton Alberta....yippee 😛

    Well, on the plus side the chill weather keeps the dogs in full coat
  12. Hillscreek

    Cabin Fever

    My friends' two jrt's were called Tizzie and Ruckus. Named for their behavior when little pups. Ruckus always stirring things up between them and any other live thing around. Tizzie getting in a tizzy very easily. What a pair they were. Sadly missed.
  13. Dianne

    Cabin Fever

    Kathryn, I am up for Cairn Zooming, let me "bone up" on it... Katie just finished Zoomies through the house ... cabin fever getting to her Check out Pluto Living on Youtube. Influencer of our times! Sure to bring a smile in these stressful times. ! Cheers all!
  14. https://weather.gc.ca/city/pages/ab-50_metric_e.html
  15. Dianne

    Cabin Fever

  16. While they can't pick out precise numbers, animals can comprehend that more is, well, more. A neurobiologist explored the current literature on how different animal species comprehend numbers and the impact on their survival, arguing that we won't fully understand the influence of numerical competence unless we study it directly. View the source article
  17. Kathryn

    Cabin Fever

    My favorite dog name belonged to a dog who years ago lived down the street, owned by a former Marine, a lifelong bachelor. "Semper Fido," shortened to Semp. And of course what kind of dog did that gruff ex-Marine own? A cute red mini-dachshund...Both gone now, but fun and funny neighbors... I am really finding it hard to stay in isolation though, as someone comparatively high risk (70, plus some health issues) I really need to. I used to spend mornings in my studio, just a block away. It is a cooperative studio, though, run as part of a clay arts nonprofit. I have had a space there for more than ten years. Due to COVID 19, though, they have closed the studios, the galleries and the shop until at least the end of April and realistically probably longer. Some of our artists are "hand-building" at home. I work on a wheel though -- which I do not have at home, and would not bring into our house as I really have no space for something that generates that much dust and dirt. I am spending some time sketching. I also did buy both varnish and paint before stores closed down. The plan is to refinish my kitchen cabinets and paint a black-and-white harlequin floor on the cement floor in our laundry room. We will see... I am hoping for an early spring and the promise of gardening. I am reading for an hour or two each day, and the dogs think I do this so they can take their naps on top of me. See photo! I have been "zooming" with friends, participating in happy hours and in book clubs. Does anyone here zoom? Maybe we should have a CairnTalk zoom and finally see each other face-to-face!
  18. Sam I Am

    Sam and Rosie

  19. Sam I Am

    Cabin Fever

    I can’t think of any unusual and funny names for dogs but I can share a doozie of a name of a wonderful horse I had for 26 years. He was an Appaloosa with a registered name of , Zips My Pop Too....I named him Pappy. Yes the isolation can be a tough one, but important we all do it. I am hardly a domestic queen but am actually doing things like baking....when this is all over it will be amazing if I can fit through the door! Plus there are two balls of wool and knitting needles that keep on staring at me....don’t have a clue but if I get desperate will give it a try. We do take the two hairy ones for long walks each morning, even though it’s still very cold here with snow and ice covering the landscape. Hug your dogs today, we are the lucky ones.💕
  20. sanford

    Cabin Fever

    I hope all the pooches and uprights on this site are managing to cope with the health crisis. Like many folks, I'm feeing stressed as life in the city continues to be challenging. In the midst of all this I actually just had a good chuckle - which prompts this post - Hopefully to pass along some good cheer ...based on a chance remark by a friend who mentioned the name of their childhood dog: "Dimples". That name tickled my funny bone and reminded me of others that I've come across: Shorty, Biscotti, Mojito, Olive and Tomato, (litter mates), Fatty, Helen, etc. Just to pass the time, it would be nice to hear some cool names from others.😀
  21. Hillscreek

    Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella

    Our area's boarders will not accept a dog without its bordatella vaccine. So I had to give it when I went away where I couldn't take Angus. Very glad to hear Katie is on the mend.
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  23. Dianne

    Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella

    Our keeping vaccinations up to date is based on the concern if our pup has to be boarded in an emergency. Some years ago, we received a phone call that necessitated our dropping everything and jumping on a plane. A close friend had to scoop up our Westie and 2 cats and deliver them to our vet who could board them. Last year we had an emergency with Katie that required an overnight at the emergency vet. Bordatella vaccine is not 100% as Katie did get it. Surprised us! Katie is a high energy and social Cairn and she needs to have opportunities to expend her energy beyond our 4 walks a day. So once this "stay at home" order is cleared, we will return to her doggie social, playtime and group walks. Until then, we will play more and toss balls more and even refresh some basic training. Today, we have some sunshine and Katie is sunning herself on the deck. The deck overlooks a walking path for folks walking to the beach, often with their dogs. But not today. So few are out and about. We'll take a short drive later and she can look out the window at the other doggies walking. Stay safe!
  24. Sam I Am

    Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella

    As we don’t board our dogs or go in areas where there are a lot of dogs, we don’t and never have vaccinated for this virus. The bordatella vaccine is controversial as to its effectiveness.
  25. A severe hereditary lung disease has been described in Finnish Airedale Terriers with a failure to thrive during the first days of lives. Researchers discovered the underlying gene defect in the LAMP3 gene, which may also be associated with the lung problems of certain newborn babies. View the source article
  26. sanford

    Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella

    The groomers and day care in my neighborhood won’t accept dogs unless they’ve had bordatella vaccination within previous 6 months, not just yearly. I thought this was over-cautious, but perhaps not.
  27. tlwtheq

    Katie recovers from Kennel Cough / Bordetella

    We've been thinking about getting the Bordatella vaccine since we occasion dog parks. Glad Katie is better.
  28. A few weeks ago Katie contracted kennel cough despite the fact that she was up to date for all her shots including the Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines. Started out with a couple of sneezes and progressed to a hacking cough. Off to the local emergency vet where she received prescriptions for Clavamox and Turbutrol. She recovered quickly. The vet suggested Katie having her Bordetella inoculation twice a year rather than the usual annual. This would give her resistance a boost as she goes each week to an hour of doggie daycare and to the small dog social at our SPCA and the Tuesday dog walking group. I suspect she caught the cough at the day care as she didn’t attend the SPCA social or dog walk the previous week. Bordetella is highly contagious and the vaccine is just like our human flu vaccines in that it tries to cover all viruses but occasionally one could slip through. I am posting this so if you have a socially active pup like Katie, you might want to consider twice a year vaccination. Gatherings of dogs have more potential for infection. In all my years (50+) with dogs it was our first and only experience with canine Bordetella. Best in health to you and your pups!
  29. Dianne

    Hello and glad to find this forum

    That's it! there is this pause... >that westies are somehow different from cairns. are they? The "white" cairns were selectively bred out and then were separated at the turn of the 20th century = Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers. When our last Westie, Mollie, died we went in search of another Westie. Our Westie club told us it could be up to 2 years for a puppy. We registered for a rescue. In talking to one of the club member/ breeders, she suggested a Cairn and suggested we call another member who had a Cairn along with her Westies for a referral.. Perfect!, I thought, Cairns and Westies, they're the same, just different colors!!! * We called her and inquired about the possibility of a referral to a Cairn breeder and in the conversation talking about her 4 Westies and Cairn she spoke of her Cairn that he was more challenging than all her Westies together! We contacted several breeders from Northern CA Cairn Terrier Club and after a few months, we were matched up with a puppy. The wait afforded me the time to read up on the breed. Similar traits to the Westie, but with references to their independent spirit and intelligence. (Born to Bark) IMHO, Katie has more of that "independent" trait than our Westies. Not a lap dog, but she does reward us with a brief sit on our lap for a cuddle. She brings us so much joy and laughter! Training just takes a little more patience and thoughtfulness. Best friend ever! I agree with the comparison below for Katie, but not for all Cairns: *From WestieVibes.com Westie vs Cairn: A Comparison Guide Conclusion: Making the decision between Westie vs Cairn is a tough one for most people. Both breeds do have similar qualities, but they aren’t the same. Each one is intelligent, but the Westie tends to be more affectionate and outgoing. .
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