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  2. Sam I Am

    Smart toys

    Kathryn for some reason I can’t seems to download a video of Sam playing with it on this forum?? However here is a YouTube and the dog featured is pretty low key compared to Sam’s reaction.
  3. Dianne

    Smart toys

    Ours just arrive and is being "charged" now. You can see videos on youtube... I watched to be sure I was setting it up correctly...now I am intrigued by the "Wicked Bone" Cheers!
  4. pkcrossley

    Do cairns hate being picked up

    I think they feel very helpless and insecure when picked up. it takes the a while to trust.
  5. pkcrossley

    Growling and biting 3.5 month old

    typical cairn stuff. stand your ground --you don't want this to become permanent (which it can). don't get mad, don't get loud --it will only be more fun to press your buttons. as he gets older he will get some impulse control, and the sooner he respects you as somebody he cannot intimidate or get around, the better. in the meantime, have fun!
  6. pkcrossley

    Cairn Outsmarts my Training!

    Cairn parent, be assured you got the authentic item. not a cheap imitation cairn. the real thing. he's probably been wondering when you would notice.
  7. pkcrossley


    3 acres of fenced but open land? a dream come true, for cairn and human.
  8. pkcrossley

    Smart toys

    pretty intriguing. maybe I need one for myself.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Betsy P


    Wanna Play?
  11. Kathryn

    Smart toys

    Can you get a video? I would love to see that!
  12. Victoria c-k -- I know how frustrating it can be when looking for a cairn. I do suggest you get in contact with and work through one of the rescue organizations - -- as an experienced cairn household you should be considered a good home. Let them know you have had a few cairns, let them know you are willing to drive, perhaps offer to foster (which sometimes leads to adoption). Make your case, and I hope you find a new cairn for your family. Good luck. I really like the folks at Cairn Rescue USA, and have adopted from there.
  13. Kathryn

    Induced vomit

    Oh yea.....my heart has stopped a couple times already due to cairns...and I expect it will happen again. Over here it has been poison mushrooms, a wine cork, acorns (they all seem to get these, don't they?), part of a disgusting dead animal, and a tiny little hermit crab that certainly deserved better. Oh, and it turns out daylilies are related to onions and toxic to dogs -- who knew? And also we learned they can ingest and poop out the most amazing things as well...crayons, and parts of socks, and sometimes god knows what... Really, it's lucky they survive, and it is luckier that we s
  14. Have had Cairns for 20 years. Our beloved Teddy passed last year at age 13. We currently have a 10 year old brindle, Lucy. One breeder in Virginia promised me a pup and then ghosted me. Another in Frederick decided to keep the boy from litter. I'm willing to drive many hours. We live in Bethesda, Md. The breeder from whom we got our last two dogs retired. PLEASE HELP!! Thank you.
  15. Last week
  16. Sam I Am

    Smart toys

    PK it’s an amazing toy..it depends on what mode you put it on, gentle, normal or active...well it’s a given active is the mode I set it on. It vibrates itself often from under the couch. Sam goes bananas when I place it under a cushion..pouncing and carrying on to the extent that he has had a really good workout. I also only give it to him a few times a week so the novelty Does not wear out...mind you hiding it under the pillow is never boring to him!
  17. bradl

    Induced vomit

    Katie! My hair was not gray until we got dogs
  18. Dianne

    Induced vomit

    Last night Katie found an acorn in the acorn free zone in our yard. (Katie + acorn, the next day = emergency vet). We decide to try hydrogen peroxide as she had just swallowed it. Followed the AKC guidelines: Steps to Take to Make a Dog Throw Up 3-percent hydrogen peroxide solution Administer the proper amount: the suggested dosage is 1 teaspoon per 5 pounds of the dog’s body weight by mouth, with a maximum dose of 3 tablespoons for dogs who weigh more than 45 pounds. But ask your veterinarian about the best dosage for your dog and only induce vomiting if your
  19. pkcrossley

    Smart toys

    wow, really? it walks itself out from under the couch?
  20. This year I invite you to take out your phone or camera once a day to snap a photo of your Cairn or anything that interests you. Don't pressure yourself into thinking every shot — or *any* shot — needs to be a glamor shot; candid snaps are a terrific way to capture a moment in time. Puppies grow too quickly and old ones are gone too soon. Engage with your Cairn world and share a few photos with your Cairn friends. Here's lookin' at you, Cairn Enter your daily or weekly favorite in the monthly contests and enter your best Cairn photo in the Cairn of the Year contest. Share them i
  21. Sam I Am

    Introducing Izzy

  22. Kathryn

    Introducing Izzy

    Hi Izzy - hope to hear lots of stories -- and see lots of photos - as you settle in to your new home. Welcome!
  23. sanford

    Introducing Izzy

  24. Hillscreek

    Introducing Izzy

    Welcome Izzy. Lots of lively times ahead.
  25. Islander


  26. bradl

    Introducing Izzy

    Well hello Izzy. Your jellybean nose looks very smoochable :
  27. lindasue

    Introducing Izzy

    Hi would like to introduce my new pup, Izzy. Picked her up Saturday. Thanks to all who passed on breeders when we lost Pegi so suddenly last spring. Took 9 months and lots of emails, calls and research, and a quick weekend trip from Boston to Chicago, but she’s here. Back to puppy training! Linda & Izzy
  28. anniegirl

    I’m home!!!🐶

    oh what fun you both will have. Big smooches to Pogo!
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