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  2. Adding to the family?

    Hope you will be able to add that little fellow soon. New pups have a way of shaking up household, in a wonderful way of course.
  3. 12 yr old Cairn and two Golden Retrievers

    a difficulty. but a classic cairn one. i think the goldens' owner can appreciate your genuine embarrassment and may completely believe that you are working on the problem. that might be a help in itself. beyond that there is always a possibility of improvement, but cairns have a few special considerations. some cairns have enough sense to back away from bigger dogs ,but i don;t personally think they are in the majority. cairns have very strong breeding toward their fighting and survival instincts and there are limits to what you or they can do about it apart from avoid embarrassing or dangerous situations altogether. my cairn redmon was a crazy fighter --he wouldn't molest rabbits, but GSDs he thought should stand aside when he strutted down the street. the onlky thing that worked for me was straining training training to sit when we saw other dogs, and wait for a signal form me. this was extremely hard for him, and if he was 75% with it he was doing better than i thought. sit and stay on sight of dogs or people was the best tool i had. fortunately he developed a habit when he was older of heading the other way when he spotted another dog on the street --not, i think because he was afraid of them, but because he knew how much his behavior toward other dogs was exasperating to me.
  4. Rash on Maisie's Back

    The reason I asked is because Ziggy used to come home from the groomer with tiny bumps on his back just like you described. The groomer began using a different shampoo - I believe it is oatmeal-based - and he no longer has this problem. I have no idea if this is really what caused Maisie's problem but I thought I'd mention it. Please let us know what the vet says. Scritches to Maisie.
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  6. Adding to the family?

    Oh dear, she is one very cute little cairn. Love all her pictures and am very glad to read that her and Titan are finally getting along. Good to know this as I'm thinking of adding a male cairn to our family sometime in the not too distant future.
  7. 12 yr old Cairn and two Golden Retrievers

    Another feisty cairn here who will not back down no matter how much training she's had. My girl Maisie got herself in trouble a couple of times with our own big dog and because of that, I had to rehome my german shepherd, which was very hard for me and my husband. Thankfully we made the right decision and both dogs are better for it. I will cross the street if I see a large dog coming or just turn and walk the other way. I want to avoid Maisie getting hurt because I know what a little stubborn diva she can be at times and do not want to see her get hurt.
  8. Rash on Maisie's Back

    It was for grooming and I was thinking about the shampoo myself, also on whether or not she could have picked something up from another dog, if they hadn't cleaned out the holding crate appropriately. I have looked for fleas and flea dirt using a flea comb but haven't seen any at all. Her vet called to ask if I could bring her in tomorrow morning at 11:00 am instead of this evening, after asking if the bumps where oozing. Not sure what difference that makes but tomorrow morning is fine. There are no other symptoms other than the bumps, in fact, she's been a bundle of energy lately, full of the devil. She loves to roll on her back when she's outside, whether it's grass, leaves, snow or ice, she's on her back rolling back and forth. I try not to allow her to do this, especially now with her back so bad, but as soon as I turn my head and look the other way, she's flipped over and on the ground....
  9. Adding to the family?

    Daisy has changed a bit as she's growing up. Her coat is filling out nicely, I think. House breaking is an on-going project...
  10. Rash on Maisie's Back

    Was the visit to Petco for grooming? If so, it could be a reaction to the shampoo used.
  11. Screaming

    I wish I had used the CBD on my senior Beagle....helps with a lot of issues
  12. Rash on Maisie's Back

    Maisie has a terrible rash, mainly on her lower back. It's hard for me to see the bumps due to her hair but I can certainly feel them. She has an appointment to see her vet this evening at 6:15. I took her into Petco around 2 weeks ago and it seemed to have started a few days after that. They start out as small bumps that turn to scabs and flake off. She also has about 3 of them on her groin area which appear to have dried up and are now falling off. The ones on her groin area seem to itch her because she scoots her butt along the floor and even did that on one of our walks the other day. I'm wondering if she might be allergic to the prescription food she's on for her bladder stones. There is no nutritional value whatsoever in this food, it's crap, but unfortunately she has to be on it. Anyone have any idea what this could be, are Cairns pron to skin problems?
  13. The first comparison of plain water, electrolyte injections and a chicken-flavored electrolyte drink as techniques for keeping sniffer dogs hydrated when working in hot weather finds that while all are safe and effective, dogs drink more and are more hydrated when given a chicken-flavored electrolyte drink. View the source article
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  15. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    Of course you are!
  16. Dog owners today know there is more they can do for their dog’s health than simply providing food, water, and proper vaccinations. Research into canine digestive and immune systems is helping us keep dogs healthier. And anyone who has tried to pick up diarrhea… View the source article
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  18. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    That is the best statement made, and very true. You are awesome Brad.
  19. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    Bless you, Brad. I needed that!
  20. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    If the breeder needs a character reference, we have 5,514 posts worth of evidence that you provide a great home
  21. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    We don't have any pics. The breeder has three breeding girls and we will be choosing one of them. The meeting is at the breeder's house so it won't be "neutral ground" but Ziggy has always been good about meeting new dogs. IF the breeder decides we're good enough parents, she will then arrange to have the chosen dog spayed, teeth cleaned, etc. and we'll have to wait until a later date to pick her up.
  22. Researchers found that oxytocin made dogs interested in smiling human faces. It also made them see angry faces as less threatening. Associated with affection and trust, the hormone oxytocin is probably a key factor in the interaction between dogs and humans. View the source article
  23. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    Hey hheldorfer. Try not to over study the scenario. Forget the googling etc. Just take Ziggy with you and go with your gut. Meet on neutral ground if you can. If things feel promising then bring the lady home and let the two of them take their own time to relate. You'll will do right thing whatever it is. You know cairn terriers and you know how they pick up our feelings so quickly and intensely. The less uptight you are the better for them. Easy for me to say!! Harder for you to do. Wishing you all the best. Be thinking of you - all of you. P.S. where's a pic of this little lady??
  24. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    They’re crossed. I’m sure you’re very excited......great for all involved.
  25. Screaming

    yes i've been through the pain screams. very heart-wrenching. in my dog's case was spinal pain. many possible causes, and possible to miss without an MRI (huge expense, but uniquely important for diagnosis). effective and long-lasting intervention may be possible with diagnosis. it is possible the pain is transient or associated with a particular position; he might not be suffering much between pains.
  26. Screaming

    Very sorry to hear about you boy's pain. Sent you a PM regarding CBD oil.
  27. Adopting a breeding bitch (fingers crossed!)

    Our appointment with the breeder is set for next Sunday at 1:00. I'm more nervous about this than I've ever been at a job interview. Keep fingers and paws crossed that it goes well.
  28. Screaming

    We had laser done on our 15 year old cairn and it did seem to help a fair bit.
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