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  2. Traveling Cairns

    Phinney is on the left and at just a little over a year old, I've kept up fairly well stripping his coat. He's due though, for some serious work. Kirby is on the right. His coat looked like Phinney's when he was younger, but I went through a period when I couldn't keep up with grooming so his coat suffered. Since he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease, I've noticed that his coat has gotten softer, especially on his head and legs. Maybe a result of the disease or possibly the meds he has to take (Percorten and daily Pred). Anyway, I've been working on him a bit this year and his jacket has improved somewhat. He, too, needs some serious work when we get back home. I think this picture was taken after they'd been wet; we had lots of rain on this trip. Kirb tends to curl a bit when he's wet. Phin's coat just stays straight as a stick. I have focused on Phinney's coat more but I usually do the same work on them. Periodic brushing and combing, Mars Coat King, stripping knives, hand stripping, etc. It depends on how much time I have and how I feel.
  3. Traveling Cairns

    Priceless photos!😍 Their coats appear to be quite different... The one on the left looks typically rough/harsh. The one on the right looks softer, (like Ruffy's). If that is true, do you have different tasks re grooming, trimming, maintenance, etc? Just curious.
  4. Traveling Cairns

    I'm not a big fan of goats generally but I'd take those smiling goats in a heartbeat!
  5. Traveling Cairns

    That is absolutely beautiful! Love it!
  6. Traveling Cairns

    They love hiking, too! My little mountain goats got up there all by themselves!
  7. Traveling Cairns

    Kirby and Phinney have been traveling Cairns for the last 3 1/2 weeks. We're in a new-to-us motor home and took a trip out to the Tacoma area to see friends, left the coach for a few days to ferry over to Mayne Island to see an elderly uncle, then spent a week in Spokane and Sandpoint, ID while we had work done on the RV. Honestly, if something could go wrong on that RV, it did. Anyway, we're in our way home to the farm now and waving at Lori, Dempsey & Elsie as we travel through South Dakota. The dogs have been good travelers but they're ready to be home. These long days crated in the RV are no fun, especially for 1 yr. old Phinney. He's a wild man in the evening when we stop for the night! But they did like the big picture window view from the front when we were stopped.
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  9. You belong to me...and I can pee!

    I suppose I am very spoilt or just plain lucky as Jock never ever peed in the house. Nor Rosie...but SAM is probably 85% as he knows to go to the door and get my attention . He is just a baby so I am very proud of him. Sam has never peed in his xpen even as a wee puppy, but then we are retired so have all kinds of time to let him go outside to do potty. He has no issues waiting 8hrs to go potty outside after a night of good sleeps.
  10. Last week
  11. You belong to me...and I can pee!

    With Nikki, it was the shower curtains. And once he peed right in the middle of my bed, rather pointedly. He's 12 years going on 13 and I consider him 98% house trained. He will mark over other dogs inside places like Petsmart, things with strong odors like tied trashbags sitting on the floor while the door is being opened to haul them out. And once he marked a family member's suitcase. Oye dogs... xD Good luck with Sam! I'm glad the curtains were washable and you got the smell out right away. Hopefully he will not repeat that.
  12. Yay! Fall is here!

    Dempsy and our newly adopted Max have a lot in common with regard to appearance. Fall is weird for us. I always have to figure out how I'm going to keep all the banana, dracaena, jasmine, and avocado plants happy indoors. We usually make it through right before the things are ready to give up, and spring has arrived. I should post a Max pic for Dempsy to inspect.
  13. Yay! Fall is here!

    Not yet. Our trees are just barely starting to turn. I love fall as well. The temperatures are awesome. Harvest coming in, and the smells of the leaves and crops and such. Love it. Both my Cairns love it too.
  14. Yay! Fall is here!

    Cool photo I do love Fall. We have a Fall theme photo album, too Theme albums: Fall | Winter | Senior | Holiday Greetings
  15. Yay! Fall is here!

    I will do it for you ... a couple times.
  16. Yay! Fall is here!

    Such a great photo! I just want to squeeze and hug the little guy.
  17. Yay! Fall is here!

    Loving Fall. Anyone else have a fall pic to share?
  18. Problem With Rawhide

    Bully sticks and Dreambones or Dreamsticks - no rawhide in them and they like the peanut butter flavor.
  19. Echo

    I'm sorry you lost your Baby Girl. You know I know how you feel. Peace. Tara
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  21. Can Certain Foods Make Your Dog Smarter?

    “Eat your fish—it’s brain food.” That’s what I was taught growing up. “Because, you know, fish are so smart,” I used to scoff. But it turns out that mother knew best. That magic component is a type of polyunsaturated fat, particularly the… View the source article
  22. We are not amused!

    How is that possible? We are looking at mid-90s today- in Minnesota where we usually get more snow and longer winters than almost any place else...
  23. Piper has a luxated lens in one eye

    My fellow Cairn people know how precious these little furbabies are to us. I will update again on Tuesday after her next appointment. Please keep sending good thoughts and prayers for her. They are so appreciated!
  24. You belong to me...and I can pee!

    He had an urge.
  25. You belong to me...and I can pee!

    Yep peeing to relieve himself for a cairn, as for many growing boy dogs is one thing - claiming territory is another - both use the same instrument!
  26. Echo

    Brad, Your wonderful life story of Echo brought a smile and tears to me as I read this, thank you for sharing her with us. I know your hugging Stella and Granger tight today.
  27. You belong to me...and I can pee!

    To error is doglike. Sam will get it!
  28. Echo

    Beautiful Echo (Sung to the tune of "Beautiful Baby"...)
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