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  2. Looking for Adult Cairn to Adopt

    Best of luck, hope you find one soon.....I’ve had lots a dogs before, but none has stolen my heart like a cairn.
  3. New members?

    I have noticed quite a few new people posting here over the last several months (which is GREAT!). Just wanted to point out that there is an area for Introductions, and it would be great if you share more about yourself and your dog. It's fun to figure out where everyone lives, how they came to have a cairn, and a few of the other things beside dogs that keeps them occupied! Thanks.
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  5. Hi All, Not so very long ago, I decided, being newly retired, that I had the time, energy and band with to take on having dog (s) again after many years. In between my having two black labs about 10 years ago, I had guinea pigs. They were super sweet and I loved them and with the passing of the last one, I found my 12 year old rescue Cairn, Jack, in November of 2017. And, I have totally and completely fallen in love with this breed and Jack the dog! He is so attached to me and I love him so much, that it scares me. For an older guy, he is still plenty playful and I think we would both benefit from having another dog now and I'd like it to be another Cairn. So, I'm putting it out there in case anyone here knows of an adult Cairn that needs a home. I think there are breeders on here and hope if this is the case, that they contact me, appropriately, privately, using the forum as intended. In reading similar past posts, I've taken the advice to heart. I'm in touch with numerous rescue organizations and Petfinder, etc. Have looked at another rescue dog as recently as today but that didn't work out. I found the Cairn Terrier NW club and nationwide one and sent off emails to the breeders listed there in OR, and WA and I've been in touch with some from ID as well and one in CA. Trying to navigate the rescue situation from afar is very challenging. Often, as was the case today, they will not hold a dog until you show up requiring me to drive great distances and I'm happy and willing to do that for a dog that might be a good fit. So, please keep me in mind. Thanks all and here's a picture of Jack in the driver seat of my motorhome. He was a real trouper when I took a month and 1/2 long trip down to CA and out to the desert:)
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  7. Pup's Appetitie

    Thanks, Wacenturion. I will look into this program as well. I am always concerned that if actually used, the insurance will not pay off. One always hears of these type of stories.
  8. Pup's Appetitie

    After looking at several insurance plans for pets I went with Embrace, primarily because they offered a Wellness portion that paid for visits, shots, nail trimming etc. Figured I was going to spend the money anyway. Several good ones out there. I really liked Healthy Paws but they didn't offer a Wellness option
  9. Pup's Appetitie

    Thank you so much, Dianne. I will look into the pet insurance. I appreciate the info. Please take care of Trina's twin and keep me posted on her progress.
  10. Pup's Appetitie

    Hi Gina, Yes! Trina Joy and Katie are twins! I just reread your posting on Training Collars....yes, Katie has gnawed carpet, chair legs, electrical cords, pillows, shoes...your posting was almost an exact replay of our past months. It gave me hope that we were not the only Cairn challenged. Lots of good info in that posting. Thank you. Yesterday we were out looking at hard case kennel for the car as she had torn/ripped hole in her soft pop up car kennel We used this kennel for years with our westies and westie rescue transporting and for Katie the past 5 months,. Thank goodness for duct tape AGAIN. Taped the tear and it is now destined for SPCA thrift shop for use with a more gentle beastie. When we were at the emergency vet, they gave us 3 different companies brochures. We choose the one that the staff said has worked best for them and their clients. Trupanion. Might check with you vet for the one that works best in their practice. Cheers!
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  12. My cairn terrier mix

    What an adorable dog.....definitely has Cairn in him but I'm lost at what else he could be. Love the name Memphis!
  13. Happy Birthday Stella

    Happy Birthday pretty girl. 🎂 Love her coloring, it looks like Maisie's fur is heading in the same direction.....I hope..
  14. Dog and human gut microbiomes have more similar genes and responses to diet than we previously thought, according to a new study View the source article
  15. Echo

    With love and remembrance.
  16. My cairn terrier mix

    I have a shih-poo, so I'm thinking maybe half and half? But, definitely cairn in there...... He has dainty feet, poodle-like?
  17. My cairn terrier mix

    i'm worse at this than brad but i'm still going with shih-tsu (or lhasa apso). what a cute, cute dog.
  18. Pup's Appetitie

    Oh my goodness, Dianne! Katie sounds exactly like Trina! She does everything the same and on similar feeding pattern and diet! She loves her litte pink Kong (like pictured) and pacifier which I fill with treat stuffing. She never turns down her treats and picks out the moist food in her kibble most of the time. I am sorry to hear about the expensive ER visit. Do you mind sharing what pet insurance that you chose to use for her? This is a great fear of mine because we have experienced several incidents. Thankfully, I have received great advice from online vets for nominal price that work! My standby is organic canned pumpkin which I put a tsp. or so in twice a day if I want to push things through the intestines that I am worried about. It has worked but I feel we were also lucky. Pumpkin seems to be great and works as fiber to push things through without upsetting stomach. Katie and Trina would truly have a blast in our fenced in backyard. Just today, her fecal check came back normal but showed parasites for basically eating rabbit poop (UGH). Crazy little girl. I have never had one like this, two Cairns and Schnauzer before.
  19. Pup's Appetitie

    Hi ! We share your joy and frustrations! Katie is almost the same age (6/2/2017). If she can put into her mouth...canine vacuum! .We have been very vigilant as she has to be walked for potty as we have a yard, but not able to fence it. We have deer and raccoons strolling through. And then the dangerous walk around the neighborhood where nails and screws and pebbles and acorns etc. After a $$$ emergency visit we now have pet insurance! Monday she didn't want to finish her breakfast...hmmm...(1/3 cup kibble moistened with 2 tsp moist food and touch of water, per breeder's instructions) I left it..she came in a couple of hours later and finished. Yesterday, didn't finish, I picked up the dish and stuffed her pink kong and gave it to her a couple of hours later. She finished that. Kongs are a special treat given when she has to be crated while we are out. This am same thing, left her food. My husband who is up early before me, feeds her in the am. And I asked him to watch her eat. She carefully picks out the moist food and leaves the kibble! Appetizer then the main course!!! I do the feeding in PM and she cleans her dish. I think I need to check how my husband prepares the food and the amount. (Dearest: Moist food should be like a light gravy with the kibble...not chunked!) We also have to take into account her training treats. They can add up and side track her appetite even if we are giving her the tiniest bits of lowest calorie treats. She has been a challenge even more so than the previous 3 westies combined! This month we are seeing her more relaxed and less willful. Ya got to have a sense of humor! Cheers!
  20. Brief AKC Cairn Video

    A one-minute overview of the Cairn.
  21. Canine CPR

    A brief video about CPR for dogs.
  22. Pup's Appetitie

    What you describe sounds like pica. https://m.petmd.com/dog/conditions/digestive/c_multi_coprophagia_and_pica PS: A lot of dogs have a taste for rabbit feces, as long as the dog is on heartworm meds that should prevent problems. That is what my friend's vet told her, you can only watch them so closely. Try not to worry.
  23. Pup's Appetitie

    Thanks! The problem I have with Trina Joy is she is a garbage can terrier. She tries to eat everything but her food. Outside, she eats rabbit poo, or anything else she can get into when I am not on top of her. In the house, I have to keep her in playpens and careful eye as she has given me countless scares with bedding, carpet, etc. It is very frustrating. I want to keep her healthy but she has a mind of her own. Her food appetite is just lackluster.
  24. My cairn terrier mix

    The coat does look and sound cairnish. You are a very cute dog Memphis.
  25. My cairn terrier mix

    The adorable, intelligent, and wiry coat are plausibly Cairn The round eyes and flop ears put me a bit in mind of a Yorkie although the size doesn't … but honestly I am *terrible* at mix ID guessing. Memphis (great name) looks to be a delight. Enjoy!
  26. Giardia

    A good overview. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/giardia-in-dogs
  27. Pup's Appetitie

    Prior to getting Dougal we had a couple Sealyham Terriers, Rosie the mom and Rosebud her daughter. They absolutely loved carrots. In fact better than other treats. Dougal loves carrots as well. I'm however careful as DP said to monitor his consumption. I started by giving very small little bites to see if he liked them. Great treat in my opinion.
  28. My cairn terrier mix

    Behavior alert and loves to be outdoors. Sweet and loves to be pet. when we got him his coat is kind of wiry / rough on top and soft under. Then the grooming cut it. I was wondering because of his ears and he is kind of long.
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