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Adventures of Greyfriar's Bobby movie


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I rented this movie at the video store. What a beautiful story about a cairn named Bobby. It is a true story. If any of you get a chance, you have to see it. Our cairn friends really do have a rich tradition in Scotland. Beautiful scenery also.

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There are at least 3 movies out there about greyfriar's bobby. I have seen two so far, haven't tracked down the thrid yet. One is from disney 1961. you can rent them from netflix.

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I've seen the latest one four times so far. Once just with my Bobby and other times with family and friends. Billy Bob loves it because he thinks they are all about him. My Bob is a cross between a Cairn and Westie. The Westie in the new movie is wonderful. Billy Bob also likes Bob the Builder on PBS and all other programs with a Bob in them.

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Quoted from the CTCA home page...

"There is evidence that one of the oldest-known strains of Cairn, or "Short-haired Skye Terrier," as the breed was generally known at the turn of the century, was founded by Captain Martin MacLeod of Drynock, Isle of Skye. Captain MacLeod was a great Highland sportsman and an enthusiastic otter hunter. He maintained a pack of silver grey Short-haired Skye Terriers for forty years before emigrating to Canada in 1845. "

So looking at the statue of Bobby, you'll notice that he looks more like a Cairn with floppy ears...

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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Remember that early in the last century Cairns were once called and shown as "Short Haired Skye Terriers" (This was quite controversal if you read the accounts) before they were called Cairn terriers......so maybe...

Personally I don't see any resemblance....but maybe under all that coat Skyes do resemble Cairns. Anyways all the Scots Terriers (Cairn, Westie, Skye & Scottish) are GREAT dogs!

Raise your expectations for what your Cairn can do....and try very hard to meet your Cairn's expectations of you.
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we had an interesting discussion about bobby already and also several interesting discussions about cairns and other western scottish terriers.

in bobby's time, there was no formal distinction to be made between the terriers. the term "cairn" (for a dog) was unknown. western scottish terriers originating in skye (as cairns did) or believed to originate there were called "skye" -- or paisley, roughie, aberdeen, and plenty of other names. for all i know these old names remain the popular way of referring to many terriers, regardless what the kennel clubs call them. the modern breed, the skye, did not exist in bobby's time. skyes are achondroplasic (as are most modern "scotties") and clearly derived from some older, more varied breed. i think the general opinion is that of all the modern scottish breeds, cairns most resemble the ancestral stock. i don't mean to say they ARE the old stock --cairns have a genetic predispostion to an almost unique eye disease that clearly indicates the effects inbreeding and intense breed standardization. but they have changed the least from the ancestral stock.

bobby's flop ears don't look very cairn, and skye terriers can have flop ears or prick ears, either way. to me that doesn't argue that bobby was a modern-style skye. he looks like the old stock (ears aside), who in his time were often called skye. but modern skyes don't resemble them as much as cairns do.

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