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electric clippers


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im a novice. can someone tell me the difference between electric clippers for dogs as opposed to electric trimmers for humans?


i found these ^ but frankly they look exactly like an old electric trimmer i used to use on my sons hair.

since im not interested in 'showing' casey i was wondering if they would be adequate.

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They're pretty much the same. Wahl Clipper, which makes professional human and animal clippers is in my hometown of Sterling, IL. They have a "rummage sale" twice a year in the parking lot and sell various clippers and hair care equipment. I asked them what the difference was one time and the guy said there wasn't much difference at all. Just packaged and marketed differently.

I ended up buying the pet version of their clippers at Wal-mart a few years ago for Packy, since I wasn't able to get home for the sale and even then, you can't be sure of what they'll have. The clippers work fine -- I use them under his belly around the private parts to keep him clean and neat. I have to admit that I used them on his ears the other day because he just doesn't have the patience for me to strip them. They turned out great.

Oh, and my Mom used to use regular human hair clippers she had on our dog. They were old ones that she didn't use on my brother anymore, but they were fine for the dog.

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Have you considered stripping Knives? A bit more work but you'll end up with a lot better coat. Just a thought.

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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As my littler Guster isn't going anywhere near a show ring I strip him as temperature and conditions dictate.

Usually a little touch up every couple weeks with a major take down in the spring, toenails weekly, pin brush and or comb daily.

Quality bonding time and a good time to let him come to terms with the fact he's not in charge. A few rough edges to work out at first but no problem at all now and part of the reason he's so well mannered I think, he knows he's important and loved but not the boss. Grooming happens like it or not and now he's getting out of puppyhood he actually seems to like it, maybe it's cause I keep a running dialog going with him while grooming.

I might well be delirious but that's how I see it anyway. He does have a great coat from it however and that's for sure.

Have you hugged your Cairn today?

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It may be true for clippers sold for people, I don't know. However, I used to used to clip a Yorkie and the Wahl clippers came with different shields to put over the blades. The shields were in different sizes and depending on the shield the amount of length cut off the hair would differ. I used a blade shield that left enough hair so my Yorkie didn't look like I had shaved her.

I hand strip my two Cairns, but use thinning shears on the lower half of their legs and on their stomachs because I have more control and if I take the time it looks pretty close to stripping.

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