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I hate to say it......


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WOOF! Eli here.

I almost hate to admit it, but I am maturing and settling down........... some what. I can't believe it myself. While I was never an advocate of destruction, I did advocate mayhem. I still like to RUNAROUNDALLCRAZYBARKINGMYFOOLHEADOFF, but no where near as much as I used to. And I have come to the conclusion I am pretty much not going to actually catch one of those UPS trucks or motorcycles. Not that I don't still try now and then.

That game that is so much fun...you know, bark and act like you are desperate to come in, then run away. I must be getting old or turning into a homebody or somethig. I pretty much just go right into the house when the Alpha B or the old-timin' dude call me. Strange, huh?

I don't know, I just seem to be getting more "laid back" or something. Ya know, you get more belly-rubs when you are laid back.

But worry not, fellow dawgs, I have not lost my terrier spirit! I am still nutty and unpredictable. Maybe now that I am two and a half, I feel I must behave in a more dignified manner.

I hope I have not let any of you pups down. I intend to remain the Grand Pooh-Bah of CUR.

Carry on, Dawgs!


Eli B)

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*Sigh* Eli here.

My feelings are hurt. Not one reply in 24 hours?

Am I not your fearless leader and role model?

I surrender my crown as Fearless Leader of CUR.


Eli :confused1:

Cairns hate to be ignored.

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redmon here. get used to it, eli. there is nothing ahead of you but more rest, more thought, more dreaming, more loving, more and more attachment to those silly things calling themselves "people." you can't beat the rap.

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Hey Eli, don't be sad, we still love you, our mum wouldn't let us on the 'puter to talk to you.

We know what you mean about settling down. Me and Susie are two now and our mum says we are mellowing out, we like to hang around the uprights now and keep an eye on them instead of getting into stuff we're not supposed to. I've figured out all I have to do is jump up at mum while she is working at the 'puter and she'll pick me up and let me sleep on her lap and give me lots of rubs. She does mutter that it makes working really difficult... but hey, that's not my problem.

But we haven't forgot about RUNNINGAROUNDALLCRAZYBARKINGOURFOOLHEADSOFF especially at the stupid cat that sits on the other side of fence, we can't see him but we know he's there. He must be stupid cos we bark and bark and bark and he doesn't move....



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Eli, Scooter here. Just want you to know that at my age of 4 years old it is ok to be dignified to get more rubs and love BUT you still will maintain the need to be doing something at every moment. I just do it a little more calmly now. I also like to cuddle a little more too. My sister, Sadie has always been a brown noser and always cuddles but now I wiggle my way in there.

Edited by Jessica H

Jess, Scooter, Sadie and Dozer


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Woof! Hey, Eli -- Packy here.

I think we were all just in shock and speechless to say anything right away. Anyway, now I know what you're doing. You're lulling the Alpha B into thinking you've matured and grown more settled. Good thinking because when you really let her have it, she will be so surprised! Now she'll never know when to expect it -- way to keep her on her toes!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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Eli, me and my buddy Henry are such fans, and we were also in shock. Eli mellowing out??? Couldn't believe it. Our mom hustles us inside if we bark at the dogs on the other side of our fence, and we have felt like such wimps beside the CUR Leader!

Anyway, a little welcome to MY world. I am lots older than you are (I am 8) and in spite of myself I have mellowed out to be not too much of a barker. How did THAT happen? (But I do like to get cuddles from mom, and I get more if I don't bark too much. Hmm)

Henry is a Westie, so he could only be an honorary CUR. :confused: But he really does enough barking for the two of us!


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I think. Eli, that maybe I agree that there are benefits to settling down. I am all for mayhem, but it sure got me in trouble about two weeks ago. While the Alpha People had the older girl dog at the vet, they let me stay in the kitchen rather than the crate, which they used to take her to the vet. Of course I have a history of "dumpster-diving," having once had to survive on the streets.... I pulled out the garbage and had a feast. Squash seeds! Beet skins! Used tissues! And of course some yummy pork bones.

By that evening those pork bones were causing me to yip from pain when I "assumed the position," if you know what I mean. And I had problems the next morning, and the next evening, and then I had to go to the vet too. And they looked in a lot of places I would rather they hadn't. I sure don't want to go through that again.

Of course, I have been eating chicken, ground beef and rice ever since, so maybe it was worth it! If I could just arrange to get this great food without having to eat the bones!


You da king, Eli!


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Eli, Scully here....SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!

I'm four now and I'm still RUNNINGAROUNDALLCRAZYBARKINGOURFOOLHEADSOFF at anything that has those annoying wheels on them - or just anybody that goes past my house. But...I DO appreciate the finer art of just kicking back and sitting on any @#$)(*$ chair in the house I want to. My mommy bought a new chair in the living room that she "thinks" is her. Yeah, right! I plop in it any time I want (especially when I'm home alone with grandmom). That older upright sleeps a lot so I can just go plop my furry butt on anything.

Eli, even when you a gabillion years old you ALWAYS be our CUR Leader.

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You know, Eli, I've pretty much handed over all the RUNAROUNDLIKECRAZYBARKING stuff to Sophie since she got here. She's a lot younger than me and now she gets blamed for almost everything, including ALL the holes in the back yard. Sometimes I'll leave her outside and I'll come in to sneak some extra treats and cuddle time, it's great! One thing I still do myself tho' is when I'm outside at night and it's bedtime I'll just ignore the Big Guy until he gets mad and has to put on his shoes to come out in the dark and get me. Then when he opens the door to come out, I'll be sitting on the doorstep and give him a big grin. It gets him every time!! Gotta keep 'em guessin'! :D Well, I think I'll go charm him out of a treat, and then go out and see what kind of trouble I can get Sophie in (that poor kid!). See Ya- Bailey

Jim, Connie, Bailey & Sophie


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