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couple videos of our puppy


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We just let them meet. Rusty is the 100# lab and he would not hurt a fly. he has been very well socialized too. He is pretty protective of Dexter. He likes him until Dex tries to lick his face non stop and then he will let out one bark and Dex gets put back in his place. they are fun to watch.

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they play until they can't move any more. I don't know how much longer it will last though Dex is starting to have a real weight advantage...

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Laughed my head off at the clip of Dexter being chased by the roosters! Thanx for a great start to my day.

Veni, vidi, velcro - I came, I saw, I stuck around
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sheila and Misty

nicely done! like your choice of backround music too. looks like you have enough room there for about 1/2 dozen more!

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:thumbsup: Chase and Gus enjoyed those very much!!!!

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Chase and Gus video

Youtube- Best of Chase and Gus

Cairn Terrierists

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What an energetic and entertaining little dog you have there! Thanks for sharing and giving us a laugh! and Holly a barking sesion! [if she hears dogs on computer she cannot work out where they are so dashes around barking! so that is entertaining in itself!]


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Cairns will always find someone to play chase with! My boys would love your yard. Chickens and all.

Great stay/come video too. Very well trained little guy you've got there!

Shelley, Angus and Mickey in Seattle

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