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Ki pppp errrr!


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Hi all we have been absent for a couple months due to computer issues, but just in time when I need my Cairn support group the most I can have it as we finally have a functioning computer again. Well this is the story. Last night I let the dogs out to potty before bed and Kipper who was already on my list because he walked right in my living room earlier yesterday and MARKED a piece of furniature!!!! Comes in my house smelling as ripe as anything you can imagine,(I thought he had been out there eating a fresh poopie) anyways I put him in his crate and get all the other dogs tucked in and I go back in my room and it still reeks so I get Kipper out of his crate, via picking him up of course and he is COATED in fresh poopie!!!! I guess he rolled in it he has never done that before,it was sooo gross. So at ten pm I am bathing my dog.......of course the reall irony of all this it that you guessed it he had had a bath yester day after noon...........

Oh by the way some of you might remember my little foster dog Seasaidh. FYI she has been adopted!!!! She went home about 6 weeks ago, and is doing well!!!

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Just be glad it wasn't possum poop :sick: although at 10:00 any type of feces on your dogs fur is gonna ruin your night!

The possums poop are the most disgusting things on earth! For some reason all the homeless possums in our neighborhood find a way into our fenced in yard and drop their messes for my dogs to find and roll in. It is not only smelly and gross...it is sticky like tar!

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One time Barney got in my Mom's ivy on the ground and I saw him chewing and eating something brown. From the smell, I know it was some sort of wild animal poop. I couldn't even stand it when he breathed on me!!! My folks have a lot of opposums in their neighborhood, so I am guessing it was one of them!


All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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