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any one want to guess what color he will be?


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I figured he would stay black but he seems to lighten everyday. now that half the puppy fuzz is gone I am seeing some really light tan coming through. any ways let the guessing begin.


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Best guess....Grey Brindle. Meaning: black, tan, red, brown, grey, all the goods. My boy is a grey brindle and I love that color; also have a red, and wheaten. But by most shows I have been to, the grey brindle is the most highlighted. Still gotta love the way they always change. My boy (the grey brindle) seems to get darker in winter (cool weather) and lighter in summer (maybe they too get the sun bleached hair?).

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sheila and Misty

I say brown-wheaton...we thought Misty would be dark too look at her baby picture on our member page truly amazing how they change. Mistys father was Jet black and her mother-pure wheaton.

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my angel started out about that color shes really light now. But she has brown,black,red, and mostly cream coloring and dark stripes she look like a tiger on her coat underneath


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Scout was all black as a puppy, a grey brindle as a 2 yr old, and now at age 5, she has mostly a red brindle coat, with a splash of grey here and there! Finch was a red brindle as a puppy, and at age 3 she is still the same color!

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He has the exact same coloring as Remy who's 4 months. I would also guess a grey brindle.

Does the coloring of the parents have anything to do with it?

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well I am about done stripping and his coat has already started coming in, in the past 24 hours. It is coming in a light tan color and black so far. I can't believe how fast it is coming in. I will try to get some pictures of it tonight.

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"Does the coloring of the parents have anything to do with it?"

i presume so, though the coloring of each individual is so complex that you wonder how the heck anybody predicts the color of a puppy. redmon's parents were one wheaten and one red brindle, and his grandparents were three wheatens and a grey brindle. redmon started out dark, but by six months had developed a very light undercoat, like a wheaten. at age four he was quite light, and could have passed for a wheaten except for his dark seal points. since age 5 he has been a pretty obvious and stable red brindle (which is exactly what his papers described him as at age 2 months, even though at the time he was all gray --so, SOMEBODY knows how to predict this).

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That's a tough question.

Miya started out dark, now she is more of a wheaton color.

Miya at 8 weeks old


Miya at 7 months old, Max hasn't changed all that much yet. We're planning on attacking their fur this weekend though.




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Your best bet is similiar coloring of the parents.

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