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Life after the honeymoon


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Upon returning from our short honeymoon (4 days) and having the dogs at my mother's the entire time we arrived back to some naughtiness. Apparently while we were away Hollie and Brystal "played" hard. Brystal lost about a fistfull of fur off her back (exposing skin) and Hollie lost fur under her left eye... and since then they have eaten the bottom of my kitchen cupboards, ate beads off shoes, and destroyed the baseboards and wood trim in the kitchen....

They were PERFECT before we left - had grown nicely into their Cairn selves - we had model doggies... and now I feel like we're back to square one! I feel like we're totally being punished because we left them. But they had tons of care -non-stop supervision and care - so it's not like we just left them home alone - I'm not sure if it's anxiety because we left - I suppose we just start over using the same techniques we did in the beginning to correct this naughtiness? Darn!

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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i would certainly think that some refreshing with the original techniques would be effective. pretend you are unhappy with your babies --even though they were only showing how much they love you! of course they were punishing you for going away!

and, if it helps: my dog tends to chew on things (and destoy them) while he is thinking about how much he loves them. when he was a baby he chewed on my clothes because he missed me, and he chews his toys up while he is daydreaming about how much fun it will be to play with them. see? they missed you feeding them in the kitchen, so chewed on the parts of the kitchen they coldl get in their mouths. they chewed on your shoes while missing your feet.

it's nice to be loved!

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uhhh-ohhhh. sounds like some puppies missed you and forgot all about their manners. hope the wedding and honeymoon was wonderful! you came back just in time for the monsoonal rains!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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I honestly believe that if the "pack leaders" are away, the monsters will play. I'm sure it won't take long to remind them whose the boss, and what behavior will be tolerated. Be firm.

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