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Adding a second Carin


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We have an almost 3 year old male Carin "Rocky" and the kids would like get get another but I am concerned how Rocky may react. He behaves as well as a Carin can. Walks on a leash, doesn't crew up anything in the house, doesn't dig and is housebroken, he owns the house and is very attached to my wife and kids. Anyone with a similar experience? Rocky is altered so we're thinking about getting a female. Is another Carin a good idea?

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If he gets along with other dogs he should be fine with a canine housemate.

If you have friends with dogs I'd suggest you invite them over (friend + dog) to see how he reacts. The best thing to do is to meet them in a neutral place (such as a few houses away from your own) and then walk toward and into your house. Tends to eliminate territorial issues, if they go beyond the usual frantic barking. If he plays with the guest dog or even just ignores his guest, everything should be fine. Keep food and favorite toys off the activity agenda though - they can stir up squabbles even amongst the best of friends.

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We have a six year old male and could not decide if he would handle a little sister well. He has been an only child for a year and a half now, and is spoiled rotten! He also very definately does not get along well with males. But here comes little sis and both are doing super! We introduced very slowly, took about two weeks before we trusted with supervision. A puppy playpen was great because he could approach her on his terms.

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We, too, toyed with the the thought, and were very hesitant. We did some research, and all that kinda stuff. Then we took Digger to the dog show, where the new female was and let them meet there. All said and done, we are so glad that we brought Jazz into ours and Digger's life.

It is fun to watch them interact with others of the same species, not just playing with us. They are the best of buds.

You should know that there have been stories on this forum where it didn't work out. So please consider having a back up plan if there is just no way they get along.

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My personal thought is.....the more the merrier! :whistle:

I have 3 and feel blessed that they all get along, play wonderfully and I think they really love each other. When I take the puppy to the vet and then come back home, both of the other dogs get so excited to see him. You'd think they would be hoping....."Good, the little pest is gone!" but that's not the case.

There is no better entertainment than watching Cairns play together. When mine go into their "hurricane mode" and start tearing down the hallway and bolting through the rooms, it's time to grab a seat, get out of their way and be amused.

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I got two boys. I got my first, Jeter when he was about 4 1/2 months. I got Bernie when he was 7 months. I got Bernie exactly 10 months after Jeter. They get along great and I have had the two of them together almost one year now.

I think Brad is right that conventional wisdom is to get the opposite sex but when I talked to my breeder she thought it the overriding factor was temperaments and we talked about the two pups' personalities before I got Bernie.

Jeter is most definitely the alpha dog. He is bigger and the older brother. Bernie does like to give him a run for his money though from time to time and boy does the place get rowdy. :D

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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