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Imaginary prey...


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On Wednesday morning the girls spent several hours at my patio door intent on catching "something". They were sure something was hiding there, but we all checked several times, nothing was there. It is a glass sliding door and a flyscreen sliding door with tiles on the inside and brick paving on the outside - no gaps or spaces big enough for anything but an ant. They scratched and sniffed and ran in and out their dog door getting so excited and animated. It was funny to watch and eventually they gave up, hours later.

Well tonight, as night was falling they started again, and they they have just lost interest now, hours later - BUT THERE IS NOTHING, I can't see or smell anything. One will sit on the outside and the other inside then they swap, and then both scratch frantically at the glass and Roxy has been "talking" in her excitement (sounds very cute).

I can't figure out what the problem is maybe I have a ghost mouse :lol: either that or they are both losing their minds.

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Henry does that, too! There is a specific spot in our dining room that he goes to and barks at. I can't figure out if he's barking at the wall or the floor because he gets excited when I walk near, but there is nothing there. I have inspected the area thoroughly and I can't figure it out at all. I thought he was losing his mind, but now I'm going to assume ghost mouse, too!

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GHOSTS!!! I have seen some shows that would say it really was a "ghost"...I, on the other hand, tell myself that it is a small bug that makes a high pitched sound only dogs can hear...that's why they go so crazy for it...lol. Makes me feel better atleast!!!


We're the Cairns of America

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We had a spot like that....Our cat would go and sit for hours staring quite intently at the cornor. I thought he was seeing ghosts too.....until I learned that there was a nest of mice in the wall near that spot. I could not detect them...but he could hear them.

Don't underestimate the Cairns...they are smart little dogs....if they are focused on something you can bet that there is something there......it may simply be hidden from the silly humans in the household.

Raise your expectations for what your Cairn can do....and try very hard to meet your Cairn's expectations of you.
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our "spot" is the fireplace. The girls are always barking at it, especially when it rains.

3 years ago we had a bee's nest in the flute, I guess they still smell it :confused:

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