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ok, please forgive my silly question, but do Cairns like

Gingers's mom

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water? I know our Ginger as well as other dogs here love chasing water hoses and sprinklers, but what about actually swimming? We own a boat and I am very scared to bring her on it this year...They do make little doggie life vests, but I dont want to bring her on our boat if she is just going to be terrified . I also dont want to bring her if she is going to jump overboard...pretty long way down for such a little doggie.

I was also wondering if we should set up the kiddie pool for her...our kids love playing in the water sprinkler or the kiddie pool...maybe she would too? any thoughts???

thanks for any help.

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Actually that was very helpful...thank you. I wasnt sure if they could even swim...I know that sounds really dumb, but our last dog was a mix of german shepherd and rottie and a few other things and she couldnt really swim... :huh:

I am definatly going to put out the kiddie pool for her.... and give her a shot at the boat.

thank you again!.


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We used to take our Cairn boating and the doggie life vest is a must have. Because Max was wearing it he survived a fall overboard. Make sure it is on all the time. They are nice sized dogs for boats and Max loved to go, especially fishing for anything.

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Bruski doesn't hate the water, but he's not very fond of it either. At the beach, he'll follow me in but quickly retreats back to the shore. We've tried getting him in the pool, but no luck - he has no interest even when he's really hot.

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