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It really IS the simple things in life!

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So I got some new pet products today that have already made a huge impact in my life! I've been checking around for some sort of product to harness the dogs into the car via seatbelt. Now that we have 2 dogs, it's complicated in our cars to manage 2 crates. The VestHarness product that we use on them for regular walking harnesses is great, and it doubles as a seatbelt. BUT our backseat doesn't have a lapbelt, just the standard over the chest seatbelts. And those really make harnessing them into the car hard.

Well I was standing around in the leash aisle at one of the pet stores today. And they have a product that is a seatbelt strap that attaches to regular harnesses. It's essentially a really short leash that attaches to the d-ring on the harness and then you slip the seatbelt through the other end. I was so excited I rigged them up in the car when we left the pet store. It was the most magical car ride I've ever had with my 2. They could still look out the window with a little freedom to move, but they weren't trying to jump into the front seat while I was driving. It was awesome!

I also bought one of those "coupler" leashes that you put 2 dogs on and then you only hook up one leash to 2 dogs. I enjoyed my walk with them this afternoon since I wasn't trying to manage 2 leashes.

It really is some of the simple things in our lives that make all the difference in our contentment. :thumbsup:

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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Where and what did you buy? I just ordered the seat belt harnesses from Colonel Potters and I have no idea if they will work or not. S I have never sat in my back seat (and do no have children I really have no idea what kind f belts are back there.) I worry about my ups all the time as I have hit the brakes hard and "displaced" them. My husband and I are preparing a drive from Fl to VA and I do not want to take nay chances.

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Scruffy's Mom:

The product I bought is a "Seat Belt Restraint" by Top Paw. I found it at PetSmart.

It's not a "new" product, but it's new to us for using it. If you looked at it, you would think it was the shortest leash looking item you have ever seen. In length, it's probably about a 1 foot long leash. It was $7.99. It has an adjuster on it (like a collar) so you can let out a little more lee-way for the pups as they are strapped in. The packaging says it can be used with any chest-fitting harness (NOT with a collar). The packaging also says it can be used with lap belts and shoulder seat belts. As weird as this is, I can't find the product on the PetSmart website. I found it in the aisle with leashes and collars. It was with other harness products that can double as seat belt restraints.

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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