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getting pups to Ireland

Scruffys Mom

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I know many of you live in the UK. I received my dual citizenship last week and now hold USA and Irish citizenship. My husband and I want to buy a second home in W Cork but I am very confused about getting my pups into Ireland. Is the 6 month quarantine the only option (that is not an option for us) I read some about home quarantine, but the requirements and expense for that seemed unrealistic. Any other ideas?


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You need to apply for a Pet Passport, which is acceptable anywhere within the European Union. Talk to your vet. You will probably need your dogs vaccinated again for rabies; they are tested six months later by an approved laboratory (there are only two in the U.S.) and if the titre test comes back that they are immune you will be able to bring them in and out of Ireland without quarantine. They will then need to be tested every year. The dog's identity needs to be proven with a microchip once they reach Ireland, so if yours are not chipped now they will need to be for Passport approval. Everything has to be done *exactly* as required - including flying them into Ireland on an approved airline.

It sounds complicated, but lots of US dogs come into Europe just for dog shows and go back home again. Plus, here in the UK lots of people have homes in France or Spain and need to use the Pet Passport to bring them from one country to another, so it's become pretty routine.

If you search on the web for EU Pet Passport you'll find lots of information.


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thank you thank you thank you. I was beginning to think we would never go.

And as a reminder..... Don't forget to post the Vacation Photos Please! :lol:

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Hi Scruffy's Mom - I'm actually Irish (from N. Dublin) and have lived State side for almost 20 years... :whistle:

I have looked into taking my pup home with me when I visit the family - and have leared this is a no-go. :crybaby: Yes, there are agreements between the US and EU countries for pets that are chipped and have a "Pet Passport" BUT the catch is ... try and find an airline to carry your pet for you. :confused1: AerLingus do not allow animals on board (nor coffins by the way....i know so :offtopic: ). You need to use very specific carriers. http://www.agriculture.gov.ie/index.jsp?fi...ed_carriers.xml.

Most of these are charter (read: expensive) jet companies.

You could fly into the France and take a ferry over to Cork.....one of the approved routes.

Also re: quarantine - as far as I know - there is only one location, Swords, Co Dublin...a four hour + drive from Cork.

If you find a loop hole, however, let me know!!!!!

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Hi Scruffy's mom - just another link.....from the irish Dept of Agri....


I suppose technically, it's possible, but with the carrier and inbound route restrictions, I don't know if it's worth it.

Another note - pets have to travel as cargo, rather than as checked luggage in the cabin. I couldn't put my guy in the hold of a plane for that long.


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photos?! i was thinking more like leave the keys under the mat, and tell us when you'e not using the flat!!hahaha!!


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Wow, I was so excited til I read todays updates. I called the Irish Consulate today and they confirmed the Pet Passport and are mailing me the docs. My vet actually had them and we were going to start that part next week. I thought flying over there would be easy til I read the posts. I understand Aer Lingus and Pet Express. I would be a nervous wreck sending them as cargo. I read a link that Pet Express had that offered a forum with previous clients. Many of them recommended British Airways or Virgin. I will spend the money to get them over comfortably even if it means eating beanie weenies for the rest of my life. I have not had an opportunity to read the Dept of Ags info. Does anyone know if the other airlines allow the pups to fly and meet the guidelines? I know Delta allows pets and I flew Delta/Air France a few months ago. I would even fly to Heathrow and rail into Ireland if that worked or as a last resort, fly into Paris and ferry over. My husband gets terribly seasick so that is the last choice. Thanks for everyones help.

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