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Another Heart Attack Moment


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Oh, my! I think I would have lots of grey hair too!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I would have done....maybe call 911...lol!

Glad to hear everyone is ok....never a dull moment!

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I live in Rockland County, New York and we have tons of garden snakes in our yard. It is a little creepy, but I think there are snakes everywhere. Of course, my co-worker insists there are no snakes on Long Island, but he is just kidding himself!

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OMG...I'm getting light-headed just reading your post.

I dislike snakes only because I am terrified of them. We may get a 2' garter snake in our yard but an 8' bull snake???? IO would totally freak out!!

So glad your dogs alerted you to this intruder. I'm sure, however, you'll be getting posts saying how good these snakes are to have around. :shock:

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Like Kayharley, we get the 2' garters or black racers, but 8' is a BIG snake! That's great the dogs can alert you. I love having big dogs as well as my little ones. I usually send my Aussie outside first to stir up the yard a bit before letting the Cairns out. If there is a snake, he'll stand by it for me to come and scoot off our property. This is terrible, but last summer I made the mistake of grabbing a stick to move a little garter snake away. I didn't realize that the stick I picked up had a small treefrog on it. Well, I don't have to tell you what happened to the poor treefrog. The same snake was back the next day. I'm not sure if he thought I was going to start feeding him, but I ran him off again and made sure my stick was free of a treefrog.

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Beth, mom to Ninja (5), Hannah (7), Abbey (7 1/2), Kiara (10)

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Also Like Kay & TooMany- I have a yard full-o-garter snakes.... but an 8' snake??? :surrender:

Your tale enforces that I was a wimp today when I freaked out over a 2' garter sanke in the fire pit. I came across the little thing while shoveling out the ashes and had a cocktail after the event to settle my nerves. I really do need to toughen up!

Glad everyone is OK

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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I'm in Iowa too and bull snakes are very common. They are actually really good to have around as they keep the field mice out of the house! Believe it or not, we do have rattle snakes in Iowa!!!


We're the Cairns of America

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i scream when they're dead!!!! I'd so be in trouble with one that big. I remember some big ones like that when i was a kid....omg, it makes me shiver to think of them. I remember my dad wackin one in half with a shovel....go dad!!!! Dont tell me how good they are either, dont care!

I'm glad all your babies were ok, that would scare me to death.

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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We live in the mountains of Arizona (mile high) and we even have Timber Rattlers here; however, in our yard we only (cross our fingers) have little water snakes. We have a man-made pond and stream so we know we are going to get them. Still a little spooky when your grass is moving.

Tonigh though, little Jazz was going nuts...she was all around the stones of the hot tub..the snakes were coming into bed. She is like the others, as she can smell the snakes. She is our little hunter. She got so worked up she snatched some of Diggies fur...Its gonna be a long summer.


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