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Big brother (cairn) , new baby(cairn) issues


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So many of you have multiple cairns, I thought you could reassure me, things will be OK soon.

I have brought a new baby cairn, Kirby, into the family. He has been here for about one week. His big brother cairn, Riley, is 18 months old. Riley is very interested in the puppy and wants him to play, but the puppy is so busy exploring new things that he is not that interested in Riley's play advances. Riley seems frustrated and confused that the puppy will not play. He seems to be sulking a lot. Riley is also less interested in hugs and loveys from me, even when the puppy is not around. What kind of adjustment issues did you have when bringing new little ones into the family. Any tips or sugguestions on making the transition easier for Riley.

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It just takes a little time. Its a new world for Kirby. :D

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I agree. If they aren't fighting, it's good! :) Give them some time and they will click. The puppy is still figuring out where he is. You can find some great info on this topic if you "search" this forum too! BUT, just make sure you give #1 doggie the same amount of attention he had and always first before puppy! If the only problem you are having is the puppy ignoring the older dog, count yourself lucky!!! lol Congrats on your new one :)


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I agree with Amber, be sure Riley is first. One other thing I found, puppies make lots of mistakes learing the rules and admit it, we all "speak loudly" and say "no" alot to the puppy, the only way to get their attention when they are doing wrong, like running around with your shoe. Riley may be sensing that "oh my mom is mad!!" and getting depressed. It happened with Spring when Shiner came to us. Spring was very upset. I have said "Spring good" (followed by a treat) so many times that now when I say it, her tail comes up, wags and she's her usual happy self (even without the treat).


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When we got Adrian we still kept Rocky first. I hook him first when going out his dish is set down first. They are get friends. The puppy will start playing just discovering its new home.

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