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I think I was chewed out by my cairn!


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Just a funny. I think our little sweet innocent Fudgie cussed me tonight! I fixed supper for my son and took it to him in his room. He was watching a movie. Anyway, Fudgie assumed that if I sat the tray of food on the floor or a short table that it was for her. She kept inching in and inching in and I told her "no". She looked at me and barked loudly as if yelling at me for saying no. Well, knowing the cairn now, she tried to sneak in again for the food. I told her "no" again, that it was not for her. She again looked at me and barked loudly again many times. So, I guess I just got my first cairn cussing :censored: or chewing out! These little dogs are so fun and smart! At least the outside training is going pretty good. Guess I will get her food next time I fix a movie supper! (yes, I did give her a treat after she went outside, so she didn't suffer too much) How can you stay mad at them!


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Yep, I think you read the situation correctly :) .

Teddy is the first one to put up that kind of stink if things don't go his way.

And you're right, they are clever little :devil: s!

Tara, Mom of the Wilk Cairn pack.

Max and Nelly

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sheila and Misty

That is a story I can relate to. Misty isnt the usual barker- but she looks me right in the eye and talks in a teenage defiant tone . I say no-she stares at me cocks her head and starts rowl rowl rum rum ruff woof yum rowl arrrrrrooooff! Yep its back talk. alto Id crack my kid for that if I had one, its cute when the dog does it. as if your furkid was saying whats up mom? why does he get special treatment not fair! yep two meals are required on your part now to be fair. do we cater to our pets or what?

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This happened to me just this weekend. Cassie caught an alligator lizard that escaped leaving it's tail behind wiggling in the grass. When Cassie began to roll on it I took it away. She told me off then acted rather miffed the rest of the night. She's a teenager that is pushing the alpha female (me) to see how far she can go before I draw the line. Rolling in dead animal parts is crossing the line big time. If she wants in our bed that is just how it has to be. She has a penchant for smelling stinky. I knew a female yellow lab like that once. I'm just glad we don't live near spawning salmon anymore.

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Lily is my "sassy" one. If she is told "no" and she doesn't agree...she will bark...turn and "waddle" away (I say waddle because we were just told she is a tiny bit over weight!) then turn back around as if to say "I just though of something else...then bark at us again. I know she is trying to appear "tough" but she just makes me laugh at how cute she is!

Fudgie is really cute (I love the name!)

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LOL!! this is too funny, my kids even tell me how come I let napoleon talk back to me and not them!!

Every morning I go through the same routine with him, take him out to pee and little by little he inches his way to the street to go in the neighbors yard, and if I say no i get the bark and the evil eye look!!


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LOL!!!! Sounds like she though you were playing a game with her. Darcy does that to us ALL the time!!!

Kate, Darcy & Bailey's mom
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You know I wondered if anyone else's Cairn's did this. Abraham, actually sounds like he is trying to pronunciate words sometimes! I imagine I would get an earful if he could!


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