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Vacuum cleaner Commercial


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:P Has anyone seen the commercials for Dyson vacuum cleaners where the competitor's products make the sound of squeaky toys? I have seen it several times recently, and every time it comes on Renny starts barking and growling at the TV set. He still loves his squeaky toys and that commercial sets him off every time it comes on.


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Yep, my three develop an interest when that commercial comes on as well.

Actually, since we have the TV sound running through the stereo speakers

it's no unusual to get a reaction for all kinds of stuff.

One thing I find interesting is that it's been 2 1/2 years since we moved from

a house with a conventional doorbell (you know, the "ding-dong" that's pretty

universal.) Our 6-year old, Olie, still rushes the door BARKINGHISHEADOFF

every time that doorbell ring is on a commercial. :)

Sigh...you gotta love 'em.

Max and Nelly

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Mine don't really go crazy...they just freeze and stare at the television while tipping their head back and forth. I think it's hilariously cute!


We're the Cairns of America

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me too, doesn't matter where Tucker is, if he hears it he is barking like crazy at the TV. He also likes the one for the lottery with the red ball that bounces all over the place......he's a TV watcher. It's funny when I look at the pics of the dogs on this forum and he is on my lap, he barks at the photos - when I put one up of him, he doesn't - weird!?!

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YES ! Last night when "we" were in bed, Toby heard the Dyson one and went off on it barking like crazy......something about the pitch or it sounds like his "squeaky" toy.....Glad you brought it up. Toby isn't inclined to do too much of the crazy barking thing normally.

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Glad I saw this topic, I was beginning to think Liddy was crazy. Last night that Dyson commercial came on and Liddy was very distraught, running around the house, crying and looking for her squeaky. She's a TV watcher and barks everytime a dog or other animal (horse, elephant, cat, etc.) is on TV.

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