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Worn out!


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Yesterday was a beautiful spring day: warm, if a little breezy, and so my 7 year old grandson and I took the dogs to the park. We were there about two hours, and during that time there were so many people, other dogs, ducks, geese, and squirrels to look at and bark at! I had Ellie and Black Lady on leashes, of course, so they couldn't "runaroundallcrazy," but Ellie did "barkherfoolheadoff!" They had a ball, and when we came home they both got good long drinks from their bowls and spent the rest of the day lolling around. Last night they were both sacked out on the sofa; when I called them to come to bed, neither one could muster the energy to move into the bedroom! :lol:

This morning they both slept late and have spent the day resting.

Now I'm not really surprised with Black Lady; she is, after all, getting pretty old, 13 next month. But I didn't think it was possible to wear Ellie out!


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Isn't it funny to see them like that?

I took Izzie for a longish walk today--our regular route when the weather's nice, but obviously during this past winter we couldn't really walk it (too many people didn't shovel).

I had a Gulpy water bottle for her, and got her to take some sips along the way, but she was a pooped pup when we got home.

I asked her to walk up one floor to go to her crate (so i could shower), and she looked at me with eyes that said "please--you expect me to do that after I just walked my heinie off?" I picked her up and within seconds her head was resting on my shoulder. Way cute.

She really does love her walks--maybe she needed a pre-walk warm-up!

(I wish she would do all her barking outside like that, so that when she comes in she's too pooped to bark!)

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Oh, me too. Unfortunately, when Ellie is rested, she barks non-stop at every perceived intruder - even when they're down at the other end of the block!

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I think it's adorable when they are just exercised-out! Last night the pups were laying on the couch and usually when I open the door to go upstairs to bed they are running as fast as they can to join me...not last night. They just lifted their heads.....and then back down they went.....eyes closed and paws up. I should have taken a picture! lol


We're the Cairns of America

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Yeah, you can really tell when they are tired! Ellie did the same thing the other night after our outing in the Park; Black Lady, my old Scottie, didn't even stir - her hearing is getting bad, and when she sleeps, she's OUT!


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sheila and Misty

True They are little angels when theyre pooped out :innocent: ..but the scary part of that is we know theyre just getting recharged. RRRRRuuun run run run run. :devil:

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