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Since she doesn't have arms.....


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She carries her frisbee in her mouth....and sometimes AROUND her neck! LOL!


As you can tell, I'm not very good at taking "action" shots! Finch actually caught the frisbee with her head, and proudly marched over to me "wearing" her frisbee.


"There is nothing like a dirty frisbee with a big hole in it to make my day!"

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So you use the SOFT frisbees!!! After hearing you talk about how much your pups love the frisbees, I bought some doggy frisbees this weekend but they are the hard plastic ones and the girls couldn't pick them up off the hardwood floor. Now I know the secret :)

PS...love the necklace! ;)


We're the Cairns of America

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I haven't posted in a long time, but I've been lurking and I've always been a big fan of Finch and her Frisbees. My pup Liddy is also a Frisbee fan though she likes the Gumbone ones over canvas. We recently got her a rubber Frisbee that has a ball molded in the center. I think its called the Whirlwheel Squeeky Rubber Flying Disc. Lids hasn't chewed it so I take that as a sign of approval.

Cute, cute photos of Finch. What a character, I love her "hairstyle" and she always looks so happy.

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Amber, we started out with the plastic frisbee's but they cracked and fell apart right away. Finch didn't care and expected a "piece" of frisbee to "fly" across the yard!

Bekah, I'll have to try the Whirlwheel Squeeky Rubber Flying Disc. May I ask where you bought yours?

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sheila and Misty

Mistys into partially deflate footballs and chilren kick balls of course she has her own thats smaller but we only let her play with the football wit one of us-dont want her getting the lace out and choking. I found some dog toys with indent grips,a soccor,basket and football slightly smaller than our versions thriugh one of my pet catalogs. Next years xmas gifts. she will be about a little over a year by then and will be thrilled having her own . I like the material frizbee also but havent bought her one yet-

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Shoe, I got Liddy's rubber Frisbee at a local, non-chain pet store, but I'm sure you could find it through Google. It's made by JW Pets.

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I always enjoy pics of Finch and her frisbee. Abby will go get her frisbee but will never return it to me. I have to throw another, go get the one she just dropped and throw it. Finch and her frisbee are really cute!

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