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Injured paw & walking


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Two nights ago Hollie came running in the house with a back bloody paw. From what I can tell she took the black pad right off like a really bad concrete burn or scrape. I have no idea what she did to herself. She isn't limping, she doesn't favor it - she doesn't even care to lick it (she let's Brystal do that for her) - but I'm not sure how safe it is to really take her for a walk right now since she has a raw back paw pad. If I take her a walk should I try to put like a little sock over it? Or just give it a week before we really go on a real walk?

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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If she's acting ok, I would think that short walks would be ok, but I would cover it-since getting dirt in there would probably be bad. I'd check with the vet-you probably don't have to go in, but they should be able to answer your questions.

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My non-cairn dog - Gracie tore a big piece of her pad off summer before last and I freaked and took her to the vet. They wrapped it and told me to keep the wrap on for a couple days. Then they told me to use a dog bootie and neosporene (sp) for a few days after that. They said the biggest concern with the torn pad is that it can get infected real easily. So I would just suggest watching it to ensure there are no signs of infection. Gracie's healed really fast - I'd say 5-6 days after it wasn't even noticeable. Linda

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