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Wook at da wittle babies...awwww

Amber and the zoo

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So, as most of you know I do childcare and have a 3 year old daughter also so we have a TON of baby "stuff" around here. For some reason, both dogs have really taken to this portable swing we have. Before Gracie came along, Ellie would lay in it and chew on her toys. Now that Gracie has arrived, she does the same thing. Sometimes they sleep together in it and sometimes they wrestle in it. Emily, my daughter, will rock them like a crazy woman and they just lay there. It is really strange...






and I just had to add this pick....Ellie looks so stinking happy in it! lol


So maybe I should start a Doggy daycare!?!!? :D...okay, so I have my hands full as it is!


Amber and the zoo


We're the Cairns of America

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What great pics. Don't ya just love to see them play like that?

Sweet Pea and Teddy have me rolling on the floor laughing

almost every day.

Thanks for the smile.

Max and Nelly

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So cute! Packy LOVES to swing with me. We have a porch swing and as soon as I say, "Do you want to go swing?" he runs right down to it and is ready to go. He'll sit with me for an hour swinging!

Jandy and my Cairns, Kirby & Phinney 
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