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My kid and my Cairn

Izabella's Mom

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They are hysterical together. My child is 9 and the puupy, 4 months. The Cairn, of course, treats the kid like a kid and the kid treats the dog like another kid.

They were in the car together today and the puppy naturally is a bit nippy. I told the kid not to let the dog do that and he says, "don't worry mom, when she bites me, I give her a noogie." I was a bit aghast and told him he couldn't do that. He then said that he also gives her "wet willies" if she bites him. They really take each other in stride. I think they are going to be an awesome pair.

Here they are playing video games together:



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Too cute, can't beat the Cairn's and kids. What color is your pup ? I mean, what is "it's" official color ? Have a question, does your puppys ears disappear when he sees your son and is really happy ? When Toby hears my granddaughter's are here, he get's so excited his ears literally disappear ! Very strange......

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I think the "disappearing ears" are a common trait-Kirby's ears go absolutely flat when there's a family member or friends she's particularly excited to meet. At the same time, she can't walk straight because her whole back end is wagging too hard. Her whole hip, tail, and leg area just starts a-twitching!

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Your pup and kid are sure to become best friends. I have to say my biggest regret is not getting our Cairns much earlier. My kids were 16 and 18 when we got Petey as a puppy. My youngest, who is a freshman in college now, called yesterday because she "missed Petey". She made me wake him up from his afternoon snooze so she could "talk" to him on the phone! Crazy girl. Thanks for sharing your special pictures.

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It is neat that they get a long so well. I love the intensity at which they are playing the video games..........looks a lot like my house :surrender:

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