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Speaking of our better halves and the dogs they don't want...


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I loved that post of the girl who wanted to give her pup away and the boyfriend who wouldn' t let her, and finally admitting he loves the pup. Here is my story...

For years I have wanted a Cairn Terrier. Don't know how i happened upon them, but I remember reading up on them and getting all the info I could find. Well, my fiance and I talked and talked about getting a dog, he is NOT an indoor dog kind of person and I am, and of course, we were talking of getting an indoor dog. My fiance was dead set on a Westie, his main rule was having a dog that does not shed a lot. Well, he is also the biggest procrastinator on this planet and every time i found a suitable dog, he had reasons against it. So one day I went and got my Buddy and brought him home. Fiance would not speak to me for a while, he was so mad, he wanted to be part of the process. I told him I wasnt waiting til i was old and gray to get a dog and I was tired of waiting for him to consent! Needless to say, in the year and a half since Buddy entered our family, the fiance has grown to love him like crazy. And he helps with the doggie duties, sometimes taking on more than I do with them, training him to do tricks and such.

On to the next pup. Well, call me horrible, but I did it again. One day in October I brought my Lulu home. She is a "found puppy" as in a stray. I had her spayed and all her shots, checked for heartworms and vaccinated for rabies, then i brought her home!!!! Needless to say, fiance isn't too heated up about this. So for the first month or so, he was looking for Lulu a home. He begged his brother to take her....to no avail. Eventually, he stopped talking of giving her away.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and his brother tells him how much his two girls want Lulu and can they come out to see her. I asked fiance, well, are you going to let him have her? His response, and I will never forget this as long as I live.... "it wouldnt be fair to Buddy if we gave her away"....HAHAHAHAHA Of course I told him he was full of crap. I looked at him in a serious way and say...tell me how you feel about Lulu? His response...."oh shut up!"

This is a man who never had an indoor dog, now he has two. They sleep in the bed with us! They curl up and sleep with him, lick him to no end....This is a man who swore he would never have indoor animals because they shed.

This is a changed man.

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