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Adding Another Cairn


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I am sorry if this topic is alive elsewhere. I searched and didn't find one.

We will be welcoming our second Cairn to the family in a couple of weeks.


We think we have settled on the name Karli (or Karly -- we haven't settled on spelling yet, as my daughter just reminded me as she watched me type :confused: ). We have a two-year old male Cairn, Koda, who came from the same breeder. We are excited to welcome this new addition to the family. We are also frantically trying to remember how we housetrained Koda (he uses a bell to signal that he needs to go out and he is crate trained), as well as all the other stuff that we need to pay attention to with this new little one (it's amazing how quickly we forget all that went into raising a puppy :confused1: ). Koda is a great dog and we are hoping Karly/i will be as well, with her own personality, of course.

So, should any of you have any insight about adding a second Cairn to the clan, especially regarding the introduction of the two to each other (we also have an 8 year old cat) and anything else that would help this transition go smoothly, we will certainly welcome it!


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Wow she's really white - almost looks like a Westie.... but so cute - I have to say I am a fan of the ears down stage - one of mine has one ear that is occassionally down still (she has it up only when she feels like it) - :) I think Karli or Karley is really cute it goes with Koda. Both of ours came home together, so unfortunately I don't have any good advice about introductions - I've heard sometimes it's better to introduce new furry family members on neutral territory like a park but I've never had any experiences. Congrats on your new addition - she sure looks super sweet :P

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I just added my second I would suggest having them meet at like a park or something..my first dog Angel got very defensive at first b/c Scotty was in her home. Hes been with us about 2 months now and they are unseparetable now. At first not so much. I've heard of people sending their breeder a blanket and wrapping their dog (in your case Karli) in it and bringing the blanket home so the dog that they already have smells the scent.


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I like the "K" theme! Our first 2 cairns are Kula and Kona. If we get rattled when calling them sometimes it comes out "Kuna" (and sometimes "Kola").

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We like the "K" theme too! Ours are Kai-lee & Keegan. :)

You will have lots of fun with two. It is extra work in the beginning but we have loved every minute of it and would do it all over again.

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What a pretty little Cairn your Karly(Karli) is. I've had experience w/ transition and am the one probably mentioned that sends a blanket off to the breeder to be mailed back for my dogs to smell the new pup. I did that w/ my last pup and had my Cairns hanging out at his crate waiting for his arrival. Having had his scent has been very positive and he has been very welcomed to the group, as have my previous pups I did this way. When I finally brought my newest pup home and let the Carins sniff him inside the crate, I felt like they already knew him. He had toys w/ him and I made sure to give each of my Cairns a new toy too.

I've crate trained all of my dogs w/ great success. My current pup is 16 wks and will make these cute sounds like he's talking to tell me he has to go out. My last pup before him that I crate trained just banged her paw on the crate door to tell me she had to go, so I guess each dog has their way to communicate. I did set the alarm for the longest time for that middle of the night potty, but it paid off w/ no soiled crate, just circles under my eyes, lol.

We also have cats. Our 10 1/2 yr old one is not impressed w/ a puppy. The other one is only 2 and will actually insist on playing w/ him.

Whenever adding a new pup to an existing household of pets, just make sure to supervise. To me it's like adding a baby to the family. I don't want any jealousy, so I make sure to praise and love on my other dogs and let them know they too are special.

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For all of you who have read my other post wanted to update and let you know that Tuffy, whom was nearly electrocuted on January 12th is doing fine back to his normal self. Rambunctious and trying to rule the house. Well just this past Sunday Oliver, "Ollie" arrived he is a (10 week old West Highland Terrier from Texas) and Tuffy is definitely being the alpha male. "Ollie is so tiny in comparison to Tuffy and is also a little fireball but Tuffy is needing to have constant discipline. There are times when they are play biting and jumping and that is okay but there are times when Tuffy is just darn right mean. He gets so upset if any of us pick Ollie up jumping and growling and barking and when we put Ollie down he will attack and nip him. Also the canned food has been an issue even with us he goes crazy at feeding we make him calm down of course before we will put the bowl down but he can

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Remember not to change anything for the older dog. Even though the puppy is so cute, remember to give the older dog just as much attention. The older dog always does things first. It's so easy to feed the puppy first, they are usually in a crate, but feed the older dog first, last dog eats last. Treats, older dog first, then puppy. This way you show your older dog that you are still alpha and they are alpha over the puppy so they don't have to prove it. I have one 12, one 5 and one 10 months, they get along great.

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I just added a 2nd 3 weeks ago. I am sure everyone as there "ideal" way of handling this, and here is my 2 cents worth. If you do not have someone at home for the first week, please make arrangements for a "training" adult to take a week off from work. The first 2 weeks are critical for training. I allowed my 2 to meet out of the home. I allowed th older dog to walk into the house first. The older dog is always fed 1st. I keep the routine the same.

As far as potty training, everyone, I am sure, has the "sure proof " method and here is mine. Potty training, initially, is all about timing. In the beginning you will have to take the pup out all the time,. I took mine out, probably every hour and kept him in a kennel at night in my bedroom. I keep 2 small cat bells on his collar so I can hear him when he is restless. When he is walking around in the crate at night, that only means one thing and I take him out. When you take the pup out, talk to him when you are walking to the door and say " do you want to go potty"? Always take the pup to the same place and allow him peace and quiet when he is doing his business. When the pup is done, say in a high pitched voice, good puppy, go potty, go poop" or what ever makes sense to you. Do not get frustrated if you take the pup out and nothing happens. You will get frustrated if you hang out too long, If after 5 to 8 minutes, nothing happens, bring your pup in. If you are concerned there will be an accident, put the pup in the crate.

My new puppy is 10 weeks old and we may have one pee pee accident a day and have not had a poop accident in 7 days. Pay attention to your dogs schedule and take the dog out, positive reinforcement is the only way to get the pup trained, Do not spank or punish the pup for accidents. The only time I do a coorection is if I actually catch him in the act. As I leash train, he always has a leash on so I give a stiff jerk on the leash and say "bad dog". He knows....

I personally do not like the pee pads and have never had need for a bell or other alerts. Once I learn the dogs schedule, I mandate the schedule with feeding and rarely, if ever, do I have a dog tell me they need to go out as it has been handled.

Buy a lot of Kong Toys and keep them rotated so boredom does not set in, My 2 play so much with each other, I have not had to do a lot of entertaining.

Good Luck and enjoy every minute of your precious pups as the time is never long enough.

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The older dog can teach the younger sibling the ropes. :thumbsup:

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