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Dog allergies


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Hello, short notice but hope someone can help. I have been invited to a poker tournament tomorrow and it will be held at a house with a Cairn as the family pet. I am allergic to dogs but can tolerate some better than others. As I know nothing about this type of dog (or really about dogs in general) I am wondering if it's a long hair, shedding on the furniture type. It has been very cold here in Southern California the past couple of weeks if that matters. Thank you in advance for any input you may have regarding this request for information. P.S. I am an animal lover however as we have a pot-bellied pig for our family pet.

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It is my understanding that Cairn's "don't shed" as a general rule. My dog sheds a little bit, but nothing like a lab or golden or other breeds. I never notice hair on my furniture, but if I'm wearing a black or white top and I hold him a lot, I will notice it on my shirt. If you take care of their coat properly (hand stipping), I think they shed a lot less or none at all, but mine is not hand stripped, so he does shed a little.

That's really all I can say to help you out.....I guess you could go and if your allergies flare up, you could leave early. I hope it all works out....to bad about your allergies b/c a Cairn would be a great friend to that Pot Belly pig! :P

Jack's Mom
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I have allergies, and am allergic to Dogs and Cats- I take Clartin D year round, but do suffer if i'm around a Cat. Mett & Bratt have never caused a flare up with me that I know of ::):

I suggest that maybe taking Clartin (or other over the counter Allergy meds) for a day or two before the visit if possible... This will help minimize the effects.

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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Cairns are typically placed at the 'low to very low' end of the allergy spectrum for many people. They are also low shedders, tending to lose coat in clumps (sort of like a dust kitty) rather than a blanket covering the house from stem to stern. That's how I see it, anyway.

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I'm very allergic to dogs and cats, and do not have much trouble with my cairn. I take allegra year round, and still, when we go to the dog park or to training classes I am a mess of running nose and teary eyes. One exception - while I can breathe well around my cairn, when I pick him up, if his hair touches my bare arm, the skin oils give me terrible hives, even with the medications I take. steroid-based creams seem to soothe it most of the time.

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I have had allergies since I was 10 years old, which is why I've never had a dog...until I got my Cairn Coco. I don't take any allergy medications because I have a bad reaction to them. Great to say that I have never yet had an allergic reaction to Coco yet. Good luck!

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