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Canidae Food What type


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I was reading through the boards and currently have my little boy on Eukanuba puppy brand for small breeds. The breeder I had him on was feeding him Kirkland lamb and rice. I did not think that was a quality food so switched and he made the transition easy although I cant say he loves the food he is eating and seems to be doing well no stool problems and all is well. I noticed lots feed Canidae which I am a little hesitant to do cause they have no brand formulated for puppies. With other dogs I have used Nutro and Avo Derm as well I was wondering what brand and type you use? If it is Canidae is it the regular brand or the chicken one? I am doing research cause I definitely want to feed my little guy healthy and premium food that is good for him and his skin. Any and all help is appreciated and I am interested to see what brand and type others are feeding.



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I just bought a bag of Canidae was surprised to learn there are now at least 4 types. All stages (the one we feed), a lamb formula, a chicken formula, and the platinum formula (I think this is low cal). The all stages is, as you can guess, good for all stages of life. If your puppy is over 6 months you should be thinking about switching to an adult formula as puppy food is very high in calories. The Kirkland food is actually pretty decent, not premium, but decent.

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I kept the boys on the Eukanuba Puppy until they were 6 months old, then switched to Canidae all life stage- Now I am switching to Canidae Plantnium as the vet has put them on a diet!

Tracy, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins
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Because Savannah has pancreatis (Sp?) I really have to watch the fat in her food so I feed the Platinum formula (only 8.5% fat). I have also fed the Chicken formula, and the all stages formula. Savannah seems to like them all. I have noticed that recently she is eating food at my Mom's better than at my house and I think it is because it is something new and different. So I went to our local natural foods store and picked up some Blackwood food just to switch things up for a while. Canidae is awesome food and I plan to go back to it when this bag runs out. I just thought she may welcome a break from it after beng on it for over a year straight. :)

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-M. Acklam

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I do all stages canidae and my boys like it fine. I had been feeding Innova Evolution but it gave them the runs really bad. Liquid stools. I had introduced it slowly but that didn't help.

Jetersmom(and Bernie's)

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On the advice of our trainer we actually feed a rotation of quality foods (Canidae, Solid Gold, Paul Newman and Chicken Soup and sometimes Merrick). Neither Brody nor Mia have any GI issues with the rotation.

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