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Agility Training in the Kitchen


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We're slowly trying to introduce the girls to the kitchen and taking them out of their puppy pen more often (which also resides in my kitchen). The girls love the space - but of course it's a ton of room for them to find trouble in - I knew I had a problem with my kitchen table and chairs as they have the under bars on the chairs and the girls will scoot under it and crawl to get under neath them - and when they decide to play hard together - they crash their heads trying to run underneath the chairs - they bash into them trying to get under. And then Brystal this morning has found a way to jump through the bars on the chair - (she's got some skill for such a tiny little thing) but I just held my breath as these chairs aren't that big to jump through be she did it flawlessly. I can't seem to "puppy proof" my kitchen fast enough. They already know how to get into the cupboards so I'll need to go get baby locks I guess so they don't get into the trash under the sink - Hollie tries to jump the kitchen chairs and I'm worried they'll tip on her - I tried to go get a new kitchen set on Saturday (kitchen booth) but unfortunately it didn't have a back side to it so they dive under there and hurt themselves worse than on the set I have now so I had to return it. So I guess I'm back to square one and I still need to find something safer - maybe a heavier kitchen set? I guess I'm worried they'd still be able to tip over chairs regardless of what I get - I know I need ones without the bars underneath - have any suggestions on Cairn proof furniture???? Can a Cairn actually get a refridgerator open? They are trying hard but haven't succeeded yet.... They are such the little devils right now.

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Goforette - after reading your posts, your such a loyal, dedicated puppy owner. Wish there were more of you out there!

When Bruski was a puppy, I just watched him with a close eye - but didn't do anything to "puppy proof" furniture. Although he's not allowed on any furniture, so would immediately say "off" and he listened, so our situations may be different if you are letting the little guys on furniture. However, rather than purchasing something for them, perhaps you should just limit their play on the chairs - after all, they probably have plenty of fun places to play out in the open in your kitchen.

Bruski still runs into walls, doors, furniture, etc. playing and he's been ok so far - no serious injuries or bruises!

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They learn by exploring and making mistakes. The chair falls with them, they will stop jumping in it. It may scare them but they are really fine. Bashing their heads, that goes with the territory, and I don't think they grow out of it. Sophie just crashed head first into the bathroom door trying to make a tight turn, at full speed, on hardwood, and she's grown. :(



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Maybe I'm cruel and heartless, but I'd just let them bonk their heads on the bars under the chairs. They're playing, they're puppies, they don't care and they aren't stupid. If it hurts them, they'll stop.

I agree with Brad on this one. My girls are always tearing around the house, sliding on the tiles and crashing into walls/furniture. They usually just get up and continue the game. I do cringe sometimes but usually I just enjoy watching their games.

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The only thing I ever worry about is sliding, because leg injuries take a long a long time to heal. Rudi must jump off the back of the sofa 20 time a day, but I am not about to rearrange the furniture so he does not. I live here too!

I really want to give up my carpets (wrecked, mostly by dogs) and go back to hard wood floors (Amtico is what I really, really want). I will not because I am worried when the dogs tear around the house they will slide and injure themselves. While I'm worrying about that Rudi visits my husband in his workshop. He jumps on his lap - my husband sits on a high bar stool in the workshop - and he jumps back down at least four feet by himself. Onto what? A hard wood tiled floor. :huh:

Dogs must have the hardest heads in the world, because on the infrequent occassion when mine knock them they don't even blink. Yes, they can injure themselves if they are going at full throttle and smash their heads and necks into something hard - but it is highly unlikely. Do I worry about my dining room table chairs when they pelt around under the table - NOPE.


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At least they are only bonking their heads on them! When Cooper was a puppy, he chewed thru almost three of ours! We quickly bought new chairs w/metal legs.....


Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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Sorry, but that one made me laugh......our collie did the same thing! every piece of porch furniture, the kids tent, any item of clothing shoes......boy do I remember.


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