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New Pic of Izzy and Izzy wants a sister


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I haven't posted any new pictures of Izzy and she's changed soo much! Just wanted to share!



This is her happy face, hehe!

I've been thinking about getting another baby.. What are your thoughts on adding another pup to the family? Izzy is about 17 weeks now. Should I try and find an older puppy or does it matter? Also do you think another girl would be better, I mean, they would be getting spayed or neutered anyway.. what do you think? I'm a stay at home mom, home all day long, so spending time with them is not a problem, in fact Izzy has added so much joy to my day!

There are no breeders in my area, I would have to drive a good distance to get another puppy.. I know that some will ship, has anyone done this? How did it work out.. Would you do it differently?


kasey :D

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SWEET!! :wub:

I think at that age, as females go, you could add another pup or an older dog.

After their first cycle (8 months or so) is when adding two adult females gets to be a bad idea.

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Izzy is precious!!! She always has a smile on her face!

As to adding another puppy, In my opinion, I would wait until Izzy is at least 2 years old. Izzy needs your attention and love and to mature before adding on another puppy in your household. We wanted to adopt a puppy for our dog Scout. She was demanding alot of attention and we thought another puppy would entertain Scout. I am so glad that we waited. Scout was much calmer when we adopted Finch and it made it so much easier to train Finch.

As to adding a female, we have two females. I had one breeder that would not sell a female puppy (she only had a female) to us because we had a female. The breeder we bought Finch from has 3 females in her home! We have never had a problem with my two. They are best friends and get along great! I really can't tell which one is alpha, because they switch back in forth. Scout is alpha when she is in bed with us...she gets to sleep up close, and Finch has to sleep at our feet...lol. Finch is alpha with the frisbee.....no questions asked!

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