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Eli, here, back from Minnesota!


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WOOF! To all my fellow members of CUR! Man, y'all oughta go to Minnesota! It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!! They have these HUMUNGOUS puddles called LAKES there, and man, are they fun! :P And they have ROCKS in these lakes! I stuck my WHOLE head in the water, digging for rocks. And swimming is so much fun! Plus, when you get out of the water, you can go by some dumb upright and shake off all over them. They like that. I finally got off leash and had a ball. There were no stunks or porkypinecones around. I stuck pretty much close to the uprights, who were in the water. I never did catch a dumb old bear, or a chipmunk or frog. I think they all left the area when they heard that I was there! Yeah, that's the ticket. They heard my mighty BARK :mad: and fled in terror. Oh, and there was a ten year old girl there and me and her hit it off big time. :wub: I even got to sleep over in her cabin; we were that tight. Plus, one time she left a whole PBJ sammich on the dock, which I got to eat all by myself :whistle: when they were all out on the raft. SCORE!!! I LOVE ten year old girls!!! It was sad to leave her, and I was SO pooped, I slept the whole 10 hour ride home. :halo: Then I didn't want to go to bed when we got home, like the uprights did. :devil: I had to make sure my yard was OK and that no critters had been there while I was gone. Like maybe the bears and chipmunks and frogs that fled the land of 10,000 lakes!

That's all for now!


Eli B)

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Welcome back Eli. Dusty and I knew those bears would turn tail and run when they heard the ferocious Eli was on their trail. :thumbsup:

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Yo Eli! Welcome back dude! It sounds like your uprights took you to a great place. Swimming, hunting, PBJ sammiches and 10 year old girls. Wow!

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Hey Eli, sounds like you had too much fun. Glad you scared all them bears off cos our upright says they're real big, you must be really tough.

We want to see some pics too.


Roxy & Susie

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Good to hear Eli! Just came back last night from a weekend in MN at Detriot Lakes...it sure is nice!... spent last weekend with Maggie at Lake Winnipeg and next week at Lake of the Prairies and Duck Mountain Prov. Park in Western Manitoba (10 days)... she loves to swim and boat -barks at marker buoys! i was really surprised to see her come swim out 40' to be with us out in the water! ...she likes the drive-in too!...of course we saw 'shaggy dog' and 'pirates'...i think she just likes the popcorn!hahaha!!

pic at lake winnipeg! enjoying the 34c! (mid 90s all month here!)



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Wow Eli! Sounds like you had fun!!! I think I will ask Santa to bring me a 10 year old girl for Christmas this year. all the sandwiches I can eat sounds like a pretty sweet deal. My upright has a 20 year old (messy) brother that will sometimes put half empty boxes of fast food french fries in the trash can in his room. I love to run in there and tip the trash can over to see if he left anything yummy for me to try out. My upright caught me and now she tried to keep his bedroom door closed when I am visiting over there but sometimes I get lucky and she forgets! just like this weekend, I went to visit my grandparents and I got a few nibbles of kitty food before they realized they had forgoten to pick it up. YUM!

I wish you had caught a bear but I guess I can't blame them from running away when they heard your bark. Us Cairns are ferocious and deadly hunters.

Good to have you back. Learn any new CUR tactics while you were gone?



We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Our Fearless Leader is back!!

I am jealous that your uprights brought you to Minnesota. The Lady Boss did not bring anyone with her to Chicago and she has the NERVE to tell all of us that she was by Lake Michigan! With a beach! I could have gone with her! Next time your uprights go for a trip again, can you take me with you????


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Yeah, fellow CURs, it was pretty SWEET there. We should have a big CUR rally there. :idea: Can you imagine? All of us running around, sniffing for bears and chipmunks and stuff? And then running into the water when we felt like it??!! Oh, and the uprights would really like it if several of us shook off at the same time when they were lying on the dock. :P Why do they do that? They could be running under cabins sniffin' stuff, too! Another thing about uprights I do not understand. I think I will ask for a ten year old girl for Christmas, too. They are just the best! :wub: They never get tired like the plump, middle-aged uprights. And they have the BEST ideas. Like putting me on a raft and pulling me all over the lake. And they don't say NO-NO-WHAT-ARE-YOU-DOIN' all the time. Their food is easier to snatch. Plump, middle-aged uprights do not share their food.

Yes, my fierce bark musta kept all the critters away. ;) Even the EAGLE flew high above us so as not to have to tangle with the likes of ME! Oh, and the upright had a new camera up there. But I'm not promising anything. She's not the sharpest tool in the box and she didn't take it down to the dock after the cell phone blew into the water. They don't work so good after that. Who needs a cell phone, anyway, when you have such a fierce BARK? :thumbsup:


Eli B)

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