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Please tell me if I'm being annoying with all the posts, but my little girl is just soooooo adorable I have to tell everyone! My boss' friend's husband came by to visit my charge this afternoon. He's a lawyer and just bought a new convertable sports car. He walked in and my charge said, "Hannah got a new puppy". he wanted to see so I ran and got her and she was SOOOOO excited to see him and he was SOOO excited to see her that it was truly love at first sight! it was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life! I mean he must be her new favorite person! So he took off a little while later to take my charge for a ride in his car. While they were gone my boss called his wife and said, "Hi Betty, uh...as a friend I think I should tell you. your husband just came by and, well, he met a girl - and I must say...she's really cute. She's a brunette, her name is Elouise. And really she is kinda young for him. And she's a cairn terrier...and she's not even five months! So there! Well, Bye!" Towards the end she ended up laughing a little, but I thought it was just hilarious! We got pictures of him in the car with Elouise and I am going to e-mail one to his wife for the fun of it! Unfortunatly I don't feel good about posting that picture here without him knowing, and also my charge was in the car too. But here are some pictures anyway!

grrr!....anyone know how to post pictures?!?!

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