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I have a four month old brindle, male puppy. What can I expect in the way of his changing colors. He has gone from very dark, to now blond hairs underneath becoming more prominent. Will his hair get longer, will he be mostly all blondish, it is interesting seeing the change in him, and I was wondering what the final outcome will be like????

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Look at the Mom and Dad. Look at Gus in the photo on left. He now looks like Chase. After 2 years you should have a good idea but over their lifespan it will vary a bit.

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Chase and Gus video

Youtube- Best of Chase and Gus

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Thanks, the breeder told me he would change, also showed me a picture of the father. I'm just surprised that he will change that much, or over that long of a time span, you say two years? It will be interesting to watch him. He is my first Cairn, and I've never been around any others. This forum is a great help. Thanks again.

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