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Any inventors out there?


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ok....my Madison is a TERROR! She should have been named

Radar....because she can pinpoint any, and I mean anything that

could be destroyed! So, as I run around with my bitter apple spray

I had an idea! I really need to do the entire apartment! So, if

someone out there could invent a Bitter Apple Bomb (like those

bug bombs) You could set it off and it would cover your ENTIRE

house :D I think we could make a million with Cairn parents alone!!!!

What do you guys think????



:whistle: She is 15 months....shouldn't she be settling down a tad????

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Isn't she the one who is Elliot's sister????????

good luck!


Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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Be careful what you wish for....

Elliott is approaching his 2nd birthday and I'm seeing a change. He still is "Helliott" but a softer, more respectable Elliott is emerging. I love him so much but oh..........those puppy days. :wub:

So....my advice is to enjoy all the activity and entertainment Madison is giving you now. She will settle down to become a lady and you will miss all her antics.

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I'm still waiting for Finch to calm down, and she was 2 in March....sigh...one of these days!

I think that's a great idea! Or maybe they could put it in wipes....like baby wipes.....and we could just wipe down the house! :P

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hee hee

Now, as she is sleeping...I think....she is perfect just

the way she is. Ask me again tomorrow around 5pm...

Madison's crazy time!


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Teona will be 2 in November and I can see a change in her behavior.

She's actually better at going to bed when told and getting in her crate during the day than Tabitha.

Now that all my couch cushions are destroyed with chew holes she's past this stage. She is still pretty hyper, but now she has a kitty sister that is keeping her busy. Tabitha is so thankful for kitty sister. :thumbsup:

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Just to add to my previous post...

The other day I bought 2 cheap vinyl squeaker toys at Walmart...the ones that would be chewed in 5 minutes flat. Here they sit on my den floor totally intact. :(

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