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back leg kicks after bathroom


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Hi Gang!

Just had to share....Madison has started the cutest thing!

After she pees and poops she does her little kick thing. Grilly

does it too! But, Madison is so tiny and so STRONG-WILLED that

when she does her final kick.....she throws her body into a quarter

spin! The first time it happenend .... I thought she stepped on something

and was hurt! DH thought the same thing. Now that we know it is Madison,

trying to spread her "scent" we just crack up!!! She is such a little peanut,

with a huge, huge, huge attitude!


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I have discovered through this forum that this behavior is called "wiping their feet". I always thought it was a vain attempt to cover up what they just did! :D

Sounds like Madison is just adding her own personal flair to the act! :lol::lol: Wish I could see her do it! I bet it's a hoot!

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I love that turf-flinging thing. Heaven help you if you're standing behind them sometimes - in the dirt or mud, say. We had one who would hold the pose for a moment after a couple of flings, with one leg stretched back some yoga stretch or a weird "Karate Kairn" pose. Another one like your Maddy that apparently got some unexpected traction and popped forward a half a foot, to her surprise.

And yes, movie please :P

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My pup saw another dog at the park do the "backwards fling" one day, and after that day usually does it after each poop. :D

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Chase was doing "Burnouts" the other day, Gus was behind him and got a faceful of grass.

Whats really funny is one does it, the other lines up behind him and does it on top of the other one and then the other one lines up and does it again.

These dogs are on crack... :huh::P:shock::lol:

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Too funny, Madison :lol:

I always thought it was a cover-up ritual too. Winnie does it and so does Elliott but not my Madison...strange.

Oh yes...a movie would be fabulous.

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I think it's the cutest thing when they do it. With Alfie, he kicks so hard that grass flies all over like a lawn mower just went by. I just have to be ready to pull him a few inches away from his poop, otherwise he'd get some caught on his hind feet.

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My pup likes to kick the dirt up a few inches away from his poop spot - he doesnt want to get any poop on his feet. :D (He is also the "Felix Unger" of pups - he pees, then does a skip-hop to make sure he doesnt get any pee on his feet! :D)

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Cassie hasn't learned this maneuver yet but my Max was visiting my moms cairn Ginny years ago and starting doing it after seeing her do it once!

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