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EEEEK! I found a tick on Barney's ear!

Barney's Mom

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OK, I am just about sick with this! I found a tick on the hairless, inside part of Barney's ear!! He is currently on Frontline Plus, which I gave him about a month ago. The tick was not imbedded, but I did feel some resistence when I pulled it off.

I know the tick dies after biting a dog on Frontline, but will Barney get sick if the tick was carrying something?????

Also, can he bring in ticks to my cat, who never goes outside? I never thought of treating her with Frontline too, but should I since Barney spends time outside?

I don't want my babies to get sick from a tick........

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Yes Barney could get sick - he could get something called Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which attacks the central nervous system if left untreated. I would call the vet, let them know you found a tick and that Barney could have been potentially bitten. They can prescribe antibotics immediately as a preventative measure - we have TONS of ticks here in Colorado and it's not a cool thing to deal with.... it ususally takes 3-7 days before you see signs of illness - and it's hard to tell how long the tick has been there.

And yes other animals can transfer/bring ticks in - even to you - so just keep an eye out for everyone.


Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
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Well, I don't know if this story will make you feel better or worse BUT during our camping trip last month to the California Central Coast, we had a HUGE tick-festation. BTW, nobody got sick. I still do not know if the ticks were acquired in camp or at a kennel we used for a day-care while we went wine-tasting (it was too hot for the doggies in the car that day...)

That afternoon, back in camp, I bet I found and smushed 20-30 ticks between my two, mostly on Elsa. I combed and combed and parted her fur searching...it was way gross. Most of them were still crawling, none really very attached--that Frontline really works! We found a good dozen or more dead ticks in her bedding after that. Super gross.

Another time, years ago, I picked up a poor little stray mutt out in the Oklahoma countryside, and she was covered with ticks, all fat and nasty. I got those things off her and she never got sick.

So there are my tick stories, gross but not too scarey.

I would just keep a close eye one her, inspect very carefully, and check the cat.

Good luck!

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I treat my inside cats with flea/tick goop because Sophie could carry them in to her. I doubt she will get sick from the bite but I would treat the cat also.



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