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Yup, it's ME! Eli!


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That Alpha B thinks she's so smart. Ditching me :mad: and taking the laptop. Well, she musta forgot, there's 2 more computers here at home, tho I must say, stay away from the older-than-dirt dude's older-than-dirt Mac. So, anyway, I am stuck here with the teen-aliens and it's just not the same. :( They are in and out all day. I survived the Fourth. We live in an isolated area with no kids, so there weren't a lot of firecrackers. But today when I was out rompin', stompin' and chompin', I got a stupid STICK thuck in da woof ob my MOUTH :shock: and we could not get it out, so they had to take me to the VET to get it out! Now let me tell you, that was NOT fun! But at least I did not get any major organs removed (just a stick) like the LAST time I went to the vet! So, I am biding my time until it's MY turn to go to Minnesota, where I will eat some pinecones and try to catch that BEAR I was telling you about.

So, fellow dawgs, watch out for those stupid sticks! But I will still CHOMP them! :whistle:


Eli B)

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Yo Eli! Sorry to hear about that "stick"y situation you found yourself with. Next time you'll show that stick who's boss. You da man!

Woof back atcha!


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Yo, Eli! I know you are fearless but you gotta admit - that stick could have scared you a bit! Glad to hear that the vet was able to remove it. The CURs will forever be grateful to him for saving our fearless leader!!

And yes, don't forget to tell us all about the bear when you catch it!

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Hey, Eli! I just found out about the CUR and I woofed with joy! Can I be in your club?? I know I'm still little, but I can learn real good! Mommy says I'm soooo smart! And I'm really good at all those things you guys talk about, like digging and tearing up paper and stuff like that!

Boy did I hear Mommy laughing when she read about your stick experience! That's aweful that you had to go to that aweful place where they stick sharp things in your neck! But I don't really mind because they give really good treats if you sit still!!

The first time I went, I slept through the whole thing!! Mommy told the vet that if I was awake, I would not have behaved myself!

I guess she's right!

Is there a secret pawshake or woofword I need to memorize to get in your club?? Like Frito Feet Forever or something like that? Or maybe a good growl? I have lots of growls I can do! My favorite is that high pitched one that I do when Mommy walks away and I want her to come back! Get's her every time!!

Hope your mouf is feeling better soon! I have a good stick I've been chewing on lately...I better be more careful!



All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Hey Eli! Allie here.

Did you say your Uprights are in Minnesota? So am I. If they want to, they can stop by and feed me some cookies. I'd be delighted to show them a good time, letting them throw my ball to me, scratch my ears and back, and feed me my favorite upright food. (If they want a list of my very favorite people food, I'll send one.)

I don't have any bears in my neighborhood though. So maybe you and your UR are going further north. Here in town the most exotic wildlife we have are raccoons, which I leave alone because they remind me of cats. (And cats have those long nasty claws...). I don't think you would want to tangle with a raccoon.

So sorry to hear about your accident with the stick. This is what I have learned from your experience: always chew from the middle, never the end!

Allie in Minneapolis

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Hey Eli! Savannah here! Glad that you found a computer to get on. we would be lost without our fearless leader checking in.

Those sticks are nasty little creatures. I got a Q-tip stuck in the roof of my mouth one time. My upright got it out but she makes sure that she doesn't leave them out where I can get them any more. I tell ya, mess up one time and you are on lock down forever.

I have never seen or heard of this "bear" critter that you are refering to. When you catch him, make sure that you show him what Cairns are made of! We know that you will make us proud.



We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Hey Eli,

I'm only 12 weeks old and my brother and I are always picking up those sticks, guess I will have to watch my brother, Riley, with them, he is always trying to steal mine. Our uprights found us in Iowa and flew us to Alaska, btw, I don't recommend flying, they didn't even have food or beverage service in our class. Anyway, the uprights told us about those bear things, we haven't seen one yet but our uprights are always watching for them. They aren't even allowed to put there trash out the night before pickup day because they attract those bear things, if they do they get a find, whatever that is. They also mentioned a moose thing that we have a picture of in my house, THESE THINGs ARE HUGE, even bigger than the Mastiff at puppy class.

Yesterday Jack's upright was at our house, (Jack is our neighbor) but we couldn't hear because we were locked in the kitchen AGAIN. After he left the big upright kept looking at the sky when we were out, I thought maybe we were going to fly again. But he mentioned something to the other upright about an Eagle. I don't know what that is but they said it can swoop down and pick up a small dog. Well I thought I was safe because I am getting bigger everyday but my brother, the runt of the family, is much smaller. Then they started talking about the Eagle thing getting both of us at once. I ran under the stairs and yelled for Riley to follow. Of course all he wanted to do was wrestle, boys are so dumb sometimes.

Anyway I like this Alaska place. The sun shines almost all night but we have to go to bed early still and don't get to enjoy it as much as we would like. We did stay up late at Sadie's house (another neighbor) after puppy class and all the uprights sat on the deck talking till midnight. Can you believe it was still light outside even then. Oh Riley says hi, he wouldn't let the type till I said he said hi. What is this CUR thing? Can my brother and I join? Maybe we can start the Alaska Chapter?

Rut Roh, gotta shut down computer I feel that vibration again that happens every time an upright comes home, they call it a garage door. I have no idea what that is but these uprights have a lot of strange things. Talk to you later, oh and Riley too.

Sorry I forgot, My name is Sasha and Riley is my brother.

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ELI.....Dude!!!! Dori here, i have to talk quick before my sister, Ellie the dumb blonde wakes up and tells on me for using the Uptights, I mean, uprights computer.....looks like you need to "stick" to being a house dog, you can get hurt out there man!!!!! I'd rather sleep in the big ol' suffed chair that be outside.....it can be "ruff" out there! Unless they're taking you swimming of course! Watch out for those bears dude......Dori out........

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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Elliott here...

Are you telling me that the teen aliens watching you stopping playing video games and actually drove you to the vets?

Hey bud....you owe them big time so make sure not to poop in their territory...save it all for the alpha B who left you.

I'm glad you came back with all you vitals...never know what a vet can do when the big wigs are away. Stay safe and do what you must.... :whistle:

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Thanks for all your sympathy and good wishes! -_- I am feeling MUCH better I put up a big struggle when they tried to get the stick! See, I thought they were gonna KEEP it and I wanted it! It took 3 uprights to hold me and they almost had to tranquilize (?) me. I don't know what that it but I think it falls in the category of "drastic measures." :huh: And they did not give me my stick!

Welcome to all the new little CURs! :thumbsup: CUR is short for Cairns United for Revolution and you are all welcome. We like to sound fierce, but we aren't, really. It's all about more freedom, more treats, more belly rubs, bully sticks, and stuff like that. And about staying one step ahead of the uprights, which is not hard because they are dumb and slow. I do recommend following their silly rules (mostly :whistle: ) as it lulls them into a false sense of security and thusly they are easier to control. We have no secret handshake or anything and must communicate by computer. It's not hard, after all, the uprights do it! :lol:

More later!


Eli B) (the fearless leader of CUR)

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