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Staying overnight in a hotel with a dog

Barney's Mom

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As you might know if you read my "salty paws" topic question, we are going on a trip to the beach and will be needing to stay overnight in a hotel en route. I have never taken a dog on a trip like this, so I am totally clueless what to do with him when we need to stop for the night. What is the procedure for pets in hotels? Are there some hotels that are more pet friendly than others? Do you have to pay extra for a room if you bring in a pet?

Any information and advice would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks everyone! :):):)

Sorry for filling up the board with all my questions! :confused1:

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Hope you don't mind that I'm jumping in to answer them. No, I'm not stalking you, really. We've found that most LaQuintas are pet friendly, didn't charge us a fee, and are usually clean. Some hotels do charge a fee per day. Try googling "pet friendly" and you'll come up with several web sites. Here's one to start with. http://petfriendly.com/

Also, Brad mentioned a book a while back that had loads of information about traveling with your pet. I can't remember the name, but maybe he'll post it again. I wish I had ordered it then.

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We took a trip last summer and I searched by typing in "pet friendly hotels in Your destination here". I found a Clarion that charged an extra $25 pet fee. We are traveling some this summer and that is what I am finding as a common fee. The only thing that I didn't like about our hotel stay last summer was the fact that we had to walk to a distant area in the back of the hotel designated for "potty" breaks. Crunch was small and had to go quite frequently so it was an ordeal. So, room location can be important for a young dog.

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I traveled with my Westie and found that most hotels that I found would accomodate a pet. There was only one that didn't, but we had to stop and it was the nearest hotel so the great thing about terriers is they're little and we just snuck her in (I know bad.....) But I wasn't about to let her sleep in the car.... I'd pay the extra fee if it were an option. I forget the names of the places we stayed. Some were like bed and breakfast smaller types of places when we went to Yellowstone.

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When in dobut or in last need, Motel 6's policy is pet friendly.

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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We are headed out with Cassie to the beach, leaving in the morning! Of course we just discovered she lost her tags off of her collar! We found two hotels and a campground that is pet friendly. Sorry none of them are major chains . My AAA guide shows a little dog symbol for places that take dogs so it's very helpful to have along. My folks are renting a cabin on a lake near us but had to look around because one resort didnt' let dogs in their cabins and they knew we'd be coming over for meals and such. I'm glad she is coded wire tagged in case she escapes before we can make a new tag. At one National Park we couldn't find a kennel nearby and the cave tour is 90 minutes with weather too hot to leave her in the car so guess who isn't going on the tour, me. So long for awhile, I'll catch up on postings when I get back. Good luck and have fun.

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Here's a couple more links to check out.



This link is for renting cabins, which might be of use to someone. It has a little paw print next to the "pet friendly" cabins.


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We have a regular route to FL that we travel with the girls all the time. Once we take the motor home down in the fall and leave it there for the winter, we must stay in hotels. We stay at a Comfort Inn in GA, and we do pay a fee for them. Make sure you take a crate. And most places that allow dogs do put you on the main floor by the door. We did stay at the Red Roof, as an emergeny...gag me, and they stuck us on the second floor. That was sort of a pain, but at least they took them.

i confess too, on our way home from FL when we picked them up at the breeder (tounge in cheek using that term!) in TN, we actually snuck them in a hotel too.....we were on a different route than normal, the road was washed out, it was a nightmare trip, we werent about to start investigating hotels at that point....so we shoved them in our coats and went in the back door. oh well....they were so tiny, and they didnt hurt a thing. They sure were fun watching that night....playing in the bedside cabinet.....

ok....i got off track, sorry for the stroll down memory lane!! lol

Terry, mom of Dori and Ellie Mae


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