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Izbell and babies


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Ok sorry I haven't checked in lately, I ave had my hands full between the pool construction ad the new babies, I need a good book and a long hot bath. Whew.

The babies are now 2 weeks old (I cant believe its been 2 weeks already, boy how time flys)

and their eyes are just starting to peek open. Boy they might not be up and about but they each have their own personality (and their little voices are so darling and each one is different) I cant wait till they are running amok and stealing hearts. Ok mental note remind me later that I was actually looking forward to them being mobile. hee hee.

We have only had one small upset so far, when we took them to get their dewclaws done (by the way I cried for them....I know sappy :P) the Vet put Izbell on calcium supplements just in case but they made her sick, vomiting 1 day and then no appetite for 2 days. Poor thing woudn't even eat brownies (she never ever turns down a brownie! so I knew something was wrong) I called the Vet but she didn't believe it was the pills causing it, she said just force the pill in her and she had me bottle feed the babies(which they hated) because Izbell wasn't producing (duh! She wasnt eating) and just wait it out Probably just stress or bad grass she said. Well the next day she still didn't want food so I didn't give her the pill that night I gave her a little of my yogurt and the next day her appetite was back by that night she was eating everything she could get and she had milk for the babies. So I am not giving her those calcium pills anymore, I am just soaking her dry food in the baby formula and then mixing it with her other food. I think it should work in keeping her calcium levels up without making her so ill.

Well I know how you all are dying for some photos so I have been clickin away, however as any new Gramma will know I have way to many photos to post them all here so I have set up a darling little album at photosite.com here is the link and I will "try" to update it every week or so, when I do I will let you all know.


I hope that worked if it doesn't link just cut and paste, it takes just a sec to load and has music and everything. Oh I love it. they are sooo adorable. Enjoy.

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What beautiful little puppies! You and Izbell must be so proud. Please continue to post pics of them as they get older. I LOVE PUPPIES!


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That's just too cute. Wish I had a new puppy. I have never seen a Cairn baby like that. My first one was 5 months when we got him, and the one now was 3 months when we got her. Just precious babies!



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Aww,, beautiful puppies! Yes you certainly do have your hands full, lol..I can only imagine!!..and yes, please keep posting pics of them as they grow, that would be wonderful!


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Oh they are ssoooooooo... beautiful - I want one or two or.....

You are going to have such fun when they are running around, can't wait to see more pics.

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What precious babies! Izbell looks so proud, and she should be! Please continue to post pics as they grow! How I want another pup....

We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

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Your photos set to music made me teary, I kid you not!

What precious little babies!!! I always wondered what Barney looked like as a newborn, all curled up with Mom.

So sweet.......

Thanks for sharing them!

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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