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Charlie Gibson's Cairn Terrier


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I did not see it, but my mom told me about this. During Charlie Gibson's farewell on Good Morning America, they showed a picture of his beloved Cairn Terrier who apparently used to come to the set with him at times. Mom said that was one of the times he got emotional on his last day at GMA. Wish I had seen it...

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I turned on the TV just as they were showing that picture, I wondered since I hadn't heard the story behind it, if it was his dog. I thougtht it looked like Cairn!

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I just caught a glimpse of it as well. Is the Cairn still living? I think that was an old clip.



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I found the video clip of Charlie's Cairn Terrier, Dexter.

Here is a link: http://abcnews.go.com/

On this page on the right go to HOT TOPICS.

Sroll down & click on video "Highlights: Gibson's Goodbye"

On the next page, on the right, scroll down & click on:

"Charlie's real family is considered an extension of Good Morning America"

Toward the later of this video, Dexter, comes to visit the set of GMA to meet his namesake. He is adorable in this clip. It is apparent Charlie adores him!


P.S. It is amazing what one does with their time when insomnia sets in!!

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Thanks Barbara for finding that! It's not a "hot topic" anymore, but can be found under the "Watercooler" section near the bottom of the page. Still click on the video for "Charlie's real family...." Dexter's a cutie and seemed typical of my manic Cairns! He even looked a lot like my own Petey. While it doesn't specify on this video, I did get the impression from mom, who saw the segment, that Dexter may have passed on, and that is one of the reasons that Charlie became a bit choked up. Thanks again!

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