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Any Other Cairns Living in Alaska


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Are there any other Cairns living in Alaska? Would love to hear from their care givers about how well they are with the Alaska environment. We have two puppies and are a little worried about how they will do in the winter.

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alaskapat, I'm a southern gal born and bred but on another cairn site there is a guy that has a Cairn that lives in Canada and from what I have gathered on his posts, the snow and environment get pretty rough there. I believe he wrote back in March that it was 14 below or something close to that. He posted pics of his little guy in the snow and all you could see was his tail. I believe his little pup deals with the elements pretty well in Canada but of course I have no idea about Alaska. Sorry I can't be of any help to you.

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We lived in Anchorage with our dear departed cairn Max ages ago. He loved it there and would go on walks in any temperature just about. I think he did turn around at the front door once during a record cold spell. He had a little turtleneck sweater he wore during the coldest days. The dryer snow in Anchorage did not stick to his coat the way the snow in Juneau did, so there weren't any snowballs to contend with. The worst stuff was the chemicals some landlords and businesses used because his pads would crack if he walked through it often. Once up at Raven glacier he took off after a ground squirrel and didn't see there was a wolverine in hot pursuit of same. He broke off the chase and for a split second I wasn't sure if the wolverine was going to go for the squirrel or him. Another time he went out our back yard after a moose and slipped down a deep moose hoof print hole and got stuck like a cork in a bottle. He was around ten years old when we moved away so there are tons of Max stories. I know he loved the snow because even in summer on hikes to flatop he wanted to roll in it and had to be coaxed to leave.

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