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i wanted to apologize a couple of weeks ago I told you all that buddy is seriously sick, and were not sure if he would survive or not.Gladly he did and he is back to his very very hyper active old self.

But now we are going on vacation on monday flying to alaska and I was wondering if anybody had the experience already flying wit their dog. he is gonna fly baggaged and we do not have a non stop flight there.

I was wondering if you could give me some tips like how i make sure buddy doenst get lost of something like that. I've been already to the vet to get all his papers ready that he will need I just wanted to make sure everything will be fine . thanx shirin

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Welcome to Alaska. My two puppies now 11 weeks old flew to Alaska when 8 weeks old. They flew on Northwest from Des Moines, Iowa to Anchorage Alaska. They arrived in great shape and were ready for pickup with 30 minutes from the flight landing. Make sure they have a big enough kennel and cups on the door. You can freeze water in the cups but it won't last long. I believe most airlines will put water in the cups if they are attached to the door during layovers. The airlines are very good with live animals and give them priorty however during the summer months they may limit or ban animals in baggage if any point along the route is expected to be too warm. Remember they may have to sit on the tarmack for a while waiting to be loaded. You can also check with your airline about bringing them on board with you if the kennel will fit under the seat. Keep in mind the kennel must be big enough for the dog to stand and turn completely around.

Again welcome to Alaska and enjoy your vacation. If you have any questions about Alaska please let me know, I would be happy to help any way I can.

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My two have both flown, but they were in the cabin with me.

They both did amazingly well. Sorry, I have no experience with cargo area.

I hope you have an amazing trip, and I am sure this group will have some

great advice!

Have fun!


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I am kind of nervous of flying with buddy because you hear all the horror stories when it comes to flying with dogs in cargo area and between stop flights. WE are gonna do a lot of hiking and rafting down up in alaska and I hope buddy will like it.

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