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crazy weekend


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Hubby was out of town all weekend (Friday - Sunday).

I was alone with my 3 girls. Well, the cat, Topanga, decided she would go into heat Friday night. :whistle:

I had no idea she would do this so early considering she's not even 4 months old yet. I have her scheduled for a spay on 7-17, but she must be 4 lbs by then (right now she's only 3)

What a weekend...... She rolled on the floor moaning and making kitty chatter. She lifted her rear end to Tabitha and Teona. Tabitha seemed really confused by her behavior and started being ver submissive to her. The cat came anywhere near her and she just flopped down on her side and wouldn't move.

Teona on the other hand loved the opportunity to roll on the floor with her which just made her even more frisky :huh:

I really think her and Teona will be best buds. Teona loves to groom her face and lick her ears. (well she was also doing other naughty things, but we won't talk about that :sick: )

I sure hope this behavior doesn't last all the way to the day she is fixed.

I was all set this weekend to take new pics of the girls playing, but I dropped my camera :mad:

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I know zero about kittys but my friend has three of them. When it was just a kitten, she went into heat and about drove my girlfriend crazy. She said the kitty would act so miserable and come over and rub, rub, rub, her rump against anything, furniture, the t.v., tried to make love to my girlfriends foot! That lasted about two weeks and lo and behold within the next three weeks she went into heat again and repeated the process all over again. She finally got her spayed because she couldn't stand to see her so miserable. Now all of her kittys are spayed.

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Ah, yes....the kitty in heat dilema! My cat Cali was about 4 months old when she went into her first heat cycle, about a week before she was scheduled to get spayed!! The vet I was going to said that it would cost extra to have her spayed if she was in a cycle! (After going to this vet for a while, I realized that just about EVERYTHING was extra

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Oh my my....I've been in this postion more times than I care to admit. My first experiences with rescue were with cats. Yeah they can be something. Watch for her getting out and others getting in. I had a male climb a to our 4th floor balcony to attempt a meeting with a female in heat inside. Cats in heat always try to love my son to death...I think they smell male something and get thrilled.

Um.......gerber's babyfood meat (not meat and something dinner, pure meat) will pack the weight on a cat especially if you mix it with a bit of canned milk...just in case you want to hurry her weight gain a bit.

Most vet charge more for an in-cycle spay since the animal's organs are swollen. ( And I have run across a few everything extra vets also)

Feel free to pm me, I'm pretty well versed in feline....unlike cairn :)



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