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proper puppy weight

Barney's Mom

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Just curious what a puppy should weigh at 16 weeks! At 14 weeks, Barney weighed about 8 pounds, and that concerned me because according to the CTCA, he should weigh 14 pounds full grown. If that's the case, then he is more than half way there in weight, only a third of the way to adulthood! Do they slow down their weight gain as they approach 1 year?

Isn't this Avatar photo cute??? My daughter took it on a recent camping trip and I thought his face looked so precious! He can be such a sweet little baby.....until he gets himself into trouble again! But I love him to pieces!!!! :wub::wub:

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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I wouldn't worry too much. As long as he is eating well, and everything is going in and coming out in good order.

Remeber that the guildlines are for 'show quality' which most of us Do Not own. My boys come in at 20 pound range, which I think is around average for the Male Pet quailty Cairn's on the Forum. Not to say that Mettwurst couldn't do without a pound or two, but he is a heavy boned dog. Brattwurst on the other hand is at the correct weight for his size/body build.

By the way, your baby is too cute!

Tracy, Amos, Walter, Brattwrust & Mettwurst a.k.a The Gremlins

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Sasha is only 10 weeks and is already at 6.9 pounds but seems fine. Riley, her brother, is at 3.9 but was the runt of the litter. I don't see where they are overeating since we put the bowl down and they both eat for about 5 minutes and then walk away leaving food in the bowl. Right now we feed three time a day hopefully that isn't too much.


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Mine are 15 weeks. And Hollie weighed 7lbs and a few ounces and Brystal came in at an even 5lbs. I was a little worried too - but Hollie has a different structure than Brystal - she's a longer legged dog, where Brystal is shorter and hops like a bunny - I know even into adulthood I'll have two different weighted dogs. I too was thinking 14-15 lbs into adulthood - but I have heard they can get up to 20-24 and that each dog is built differently.

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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