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WOOF! Eli, here.


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Run to glass door. WOOF! Look REALLY desperate to get in! Upright approaches; quick, run away! :lol:

(repeat the above as often as possible) :devil:

WOOF! I bet this time she'll get me a treat! Yup! Whoa! Was that a SQUIRREL I hear???!! :mad:

hmmmm.... the upright is getting bored. She's trying to ignore me. Gotta up the ante. Look even MORE anxious to get in! I really mean it this time, HONEST! I'll come in, come back, come back!!! Oops, there's another stupid bird on my grass! :shock:

(repeat) :devil:

Hmmmm....... must make her look at me. That's it! Stand up and scratch the glass! She likes that! Ooo, she's looking! She's coming! Hey, wasn't there a BUG over there yesterday??

Rats. Lost her. Bet she's gonna try that reverse psychology stuff. Like I'm not onto that dumb stuff.

woof?? I really mean it this time! :shy: Honest! Hey! WOOF! I'm thirsty! You don't want me to get dehydrated, do ya?? woof?

OK, I really want to come in now. :confused: For real. I'll be good. :halo: WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! Hey, it's hot out here! WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF!!!!!!!

Whew! Here she comes. OK, time to stop fooling around. Just stroll casually, :whistle: like everything's fine. La-dee-da-dee-da!

Hey, where's my treat??!!


Eli B)

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How funny! I hope you got your treat! Can't wait till Cooper is feeling perky again...he's just lied around all night tonight...hopefully getting better.

pat, cooper, and yoda.

Children don't care how much you know...they want to know how much you care.
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That is the funnest game ever! I try to play that at least once everyday just to make sure the uprights know that I am indeed in charge. They still seem to think that THEY should be in charge and that I should do everything that they say. What do they think I am, a lab???


We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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Hey Eli

That sounds like a great game, you sure know how to keep your upright on her toes :thumbsup:

We can't play that game though cos we have our own door we can come in anytime, mind you we don't always come through it when our upright calls.

Woof woof!!

Roxy & Susie

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WOOF! Alfie here!

My uprights always do the same thing! I can only spend so much time guarding our house out in the screened-in porch...y'know, when ducks come by or squirrels run through the yard, I give them a big ARGH! ARF! ARF! ARRRRR...but you know what, those uprights seem to be always up to something INSIDE the house and I want to be in on it, too! But when I put my anxious face on, it doesn't seem to work! They ignore me!

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Oh, oh Eli....whatever would we do without your inspiration? :D

(Everyone knows, of course, that for a Cairn the answer is

"exactly the same.")

Keep up the mighty struggle!

Olie, Teddy and Sweet Pea

Max and Nelly

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