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Calming a Cairn?


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Granted Hollie and Brystal are in their I'm a puppy and you can't stop me from doing 90mph in the backyard on top of each other - but I'm worried they're playing too hard with each other. I have plastic furniture that they'll knock into, they'll tumble on the patio concrete which probably sounds worse than it is??? But they're super aggressive with each other. No one really yelps so I don't think we're physically injuring each other - but sometimes Hollie will grab Brystals head and just toss it back and forth like a toy. It's making me so nervous - I don't want someone to get hurt. Then today they were all going at it and Brystal thew up her breakfast. (It was her first vomit in her whole little life)... and yes mommy is still worried... but she's acting fine - happy, barking - back to wrestling with Hollie. I gave her a spoonful of kibble before I left so she'd have something in her stomach and gave it about 35 minutes to make sure she'd keep it down. Should I try to curb their playing so aggressively? Should I separate the two like a time out?

Hollie Edelbrock & Brystal Sonoma
Chris, Stacy and Little Noah
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Rather than limit their play, I'd simply add some time for personal 1-1 attention, one at a time, just between dog and human. Basic obedience training, a walk, or just some time on the sofa reading with one - anything really. It's important they get individual attention. Suggest crating the other in another room out of sight.

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