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The Great Escape


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Cassie barrelled into the house through the dog door yesterday as DH and I were getting ready to go out to dinner for our anniversary. In triumph she tossed a dirty cow hoof at out feet. I asked DH if he hadn't tossed that out after I complained of the stench it made (this was a particularly stinky one, maybe it wasn't boiled?). He said he had thrown it over the back fence down the ravine a couple of months ago. I ran out to the back fence where I had been making repairs and found my temporary gate pushed aside. She had made her escape, found the hoof and broke back in to show us what she'd done! I've since nailed back the missing board so she can't do it again but it makes me wonder what she get's up to when we're not around and it makes me very afraid for her. We laughed about it all but are thankful she's safe.

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Cassie retrieved her prize!

Before we replaced our rotting old fence we were constantly wiring up old loose boards. We once looked out into the backyard and saw one of our crew literally punching each board with her little paw, one after the other down the line, looking for another loose one. :w00t:

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These Cairns must have a very strong sense of smell!!

We already know how darn smart they are!!! :twisted:


Cathy and Piper

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Thank gawd for the 8ft high wall around our courtyard. I just hope he doesnt find a rope and cranpons! :shock:

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