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yup, I am a digger!


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We watched her dig this hole this afternoon...it was quite entertaining...good thing I am not too uptight about my garden beds... :P

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I love to work in my yard and enjoy gardening and this is where Cassie and I come into conflict. Anyone out there want to share tips? Am I the only one with chewed up roses, irrigation, tools and a mine field where my yard used to be?

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To be honest, I snickered at your post.....

THEN, I went out to weed my garden and found that Piper had "mowed" down a few perennials.



Cathy and Piper

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Even as a young Cairn, Winnie would come to a dead stop before entering any area that was mulched! I could throw a bone or a steak into my gardens and she would refuse to enter.

Then came Madison who would barrel down the perennials as she went after a chipmunk. Once the plants got to be tall she might weave her way through them but destruction always followed.

Now enter Elliott..... :shock: Need I say more?

So last summer I enclosed a special section of my yard for him and the 2 girls. They have their own dog safe plants (some are blooming as I type), a miniature stone wall that is housing a chipmunk and keeping them entertained, a tunnel, ramp and what's left of the grass. Although we have a wooden fence around the yard, their area is secured by inexpensive wire fencing I got at Home Depot....worth it's weight in gold!

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what a sweet face.

Neither of my girls are into digging.

Tabitha hates to even go out in the grass. but Teona is a mud hunter. She's always got dirty feet!

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Am I the only one with chewed up roses, irrigation,

We were told the other day at training class that if you put Vicks VapoRub on the sprinklers it stops dogs from chewing them. Haven't tried it so don't know if it works.

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I would be hesitant to put chemicals- even medicinal ones in reach of my pup. I don't take chances anymore.

This is what I found about vaporub:

Overdose (perhaps ingestion)

Twitching facial muscles

Muscle spasms

Excessive thirst


Rigid muscles

Slow breathing

Burning of the mouth or the throat

Skin irritation

Abdominal pain

Nausea and vomiting

Rapid pulse

Restlessness or agitation

Unusual behavior



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What an adorable baby. My whole family enjoyed your post. My pup loves to dig too. But I think her favorite thing to do outside is bark at airplanes and chase birds. Loves the birds. Bunches of fun aren't they? A laugh a minute.


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