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Three things you like MOST about your upright... and three things you like least


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Uprights! So hard to train, but so worth it! They can be so sweet, so smart, so gentle, SO STUBBORN! What do YOU like most about your upright?? Least??

My upright can be so cute in the morning when she gets up! All loving and rubbing my belly and stuff. Ahhhhh......

My upright is a good provider! I have a nice house, nice yard full of things to bark at, nice toys (Bully Sticks and stuff) and lots of Canidae and fresh water.

My upright can be very entertaining! Like when she is trying to call me to come into the house. And like when she is dragging big old bags of dirt around the yard and sticking green stuff in the ground. What an odd habit!

What I least like about my upright???

She seems to think I bark too much! WOOF! I am just expressing myself. I think she says QUIET! too much.

She appears to have her own agenda! She actually wants me to come in the house, when I clearly have lots of rompin', stompin', and chompin' to do!

She gets in that big car thing and goes away sometimes. I am afraid to get in that thing. Everytime I do, I get a bath or my balls cut off or something. I have learned that if you take a little nap, they usually come back. Maybe with a Bully Stick or something.

What about you dawgs??

WOOF! from Eli B)

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Too fun! :P

If Barney could speak English, he would say about me......

1. She just loves to kiss my muzzle ! (or NOZZLE, as my little upright calls it

All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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What I like the Most:

1. She knows just the spots to rub and scratch to make me have to kick my leg. And all I have to do is go near her and she starts stratching. I am so irresistable!

2. She takes me lots of neat places to meet new people! My favorite is a place known in the dog world as Doggie Heaven. The uprights call it PetSmart.

3. She gives me yummy food, lots of toys and tennis balls!!! What more could I ask for?

What I like the least:

1. She needs to exercise or start taking vitamins or something cause she sure does want to go slow on our walks and I always out last her in a game of fetch. She seems to think that I need to rest or something after I start panting too hard. Boy does she have a lot to learn, I am just getting started!

2. She won't let me sleep in her bed anymore cause I keep jumping off and she thinks I am going to hurt myself. Her bed is so soft and comfy. Boy do I miss that.

3. She won't let me have any of that yummy food that she cooks. She is already making some, would it kill her to share???



We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare. And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made.

-M. Acklam

Savannah's Dogster Page

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My upright leaves every morning and I am forced to sleep with the second upright

She won't let me chase, eat, growl or molest the cats

She brushes my hair

I adore that she always comes home

She and the second upright take me for walks so I can smell the nieghborhood

They have the combination to the secret cheese drawer and give me some




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Elliott here.....

My upright can be a royal pain in the butt because she's an animal lover and that includes RODENTS! The least things I like:

# 1

I found a chipmunk hiding in the little stone wall upright made for us in our yard playpen today. I barked to let it know I was there and I was the boss. Upright came, picked me up and carried me into the house where she cleaned the mud/dirt off me.

I do not like to be interrupted when I'm on the warpath! The chipmuck was laughing at me while I was enroute to the house!


I do not appreciate being made to feel like a babysitter to my sister Madison, She has to get over her thunderstorm anxiety and I'm getting tired of listening to her freak out over them....I may just wrap her in tin foil and stick her outside next time one of those storms come around.


I expect to be first when it comes to feeding, grooming and anything else. After all...I am the only male in a household of female Cairns.

BUT....on a positive note:

I am extremely loved and cared for and even groomed on a regular basis.

I have a fenced in pen that allows me to terrorize anything that dares to enter my environment (see above) :whistle: It's even landscaped with plants and flowers that I find pretty but not appealing to eat.

I have a toy box that is overflowing with toys, I have the most comfortable bed and if by some remote chance I do something bad in it, it is cleaned pronto by upright

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SIIIGH....my uprights...how I can I love them even if sometimes they can be so dumb?

What I like about them:

1. Morning walks

2. Belly rubs

3. TREATS! Especially when I give them that special look

4. Car rides! I love car rides!

When I think they are really dumb:

1. They keep me in that kitchen and then they leave. What's up with that? Don't they know I like car rides?!

2. They say SIT STAY when I see another dog...or a cat...or a squirrel...where's the FUN in that?

3. They bring me to some other upright who wears a white coat where I wait in an area with other cats and dogs...and then he ends up hurting me anyway even if I SIT and STAY for an HOUR! Dumb, dumb, DUMB!!!

BUT....I still love my uprights...there is nothing like home!



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Allie here. And here's what I like about my uprights:

(1) When the guy upright puts lotion or cream on his hands or feet, he lets me lick it off. (The gal upright most definitely does not!) It's yummy.

(2) The uprights built a new glass-walled dining room, and all of the windows and french doors -- so near the street corner! -- are just my height. I can see every person, dog, squirrel and bird that passes by. Just to make sure that they know I'm the boss, I bark at each and every one. You know what? When I'm barking, they keep on going and leave. See how good I am at protecting my house?

(3) They let my doggie friend Walt join me here on sleep-overs sometimes. We get to romp until we can't even stand any more, I steal all of his treats (thus getting twice as many) and then they let both of us sleep in the bedroom.

What I don't like:

(1) They won't let me eat the yummy things I find on the streets and sidewalks during my walks.

(2) They are very very stingy with their food, and almost never give me any tastes. And they always eat stuff that smells so much better than my dog food. They laugh at me and say I am the "designated dieter" in the household.

(3) Need I even mention the terror of all cairn terriers -- nail clipping? Hmmmpf.

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Duffy and Mickey here -

Well this is going to be a tough one; Three things we like the most about our uprights;

1. They love us unconditionally

2. They buy us toys everytime they go to Petco or Petsmart

3. They will give us teeny tiny little bits of people food from time to time

Three things we don't like;

1. They wipe our butts off after we poop. (Get a grip guys, we're dogs)

2. They try to dress us in stupid costumes but we just pull them off each other!

3. Sometimes if we are too fiesty, they make us stay in our crates when our grandparents are over.

But, we love them as much as they love us. We are a very happy family!

Duff and Mick

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My upright is a mystery to me - really, sometimes she's fun and then other times, she won't chase me or throw the ball, or do fun things when I want to. Like when I'm ready to romp - and all she does is stare at that alien screen and peck on some kind of big stick. Another thing I wish my upright would understand - NO, I don't like when you grab my precious paws and start to clip away - too much pressure and it's scary - and more on that topic - would you please quit pulling my hair? How do you think it would feel, if your upright friends pulled your hair all the time?

I can put up with my upright - because......

My bed is comfy - and my water bowl is always fresh - and she feeds me really healthy food - and mixes it up with something - it's always a tad warm - and the smell --to die for.

I get to go everywhere with my upright - we walk around and meet all kinds of friends - fellow CURS, those little uprights - I like to chase them..... and sometimes a trip to a store where I get yummy treats.

The best is when I can get my under side rubbed - you know what I'm talking about ! And, while the upright likes me to stay close - she does surrender me when I wiggle and run for the next toy to destroy.

Life is good - despite the uprights wierd tendencies. ;)


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Izbell here, can only spare a moment (the babies are all asleep right now)I love my uprights. I own four 2 big ones and 2 smaller ones. They are great but boy did training take a while, but by now most have them have started to get it down.

I love all the treats they give me, boy food from the big cold smelling box sure is good.

I love all the toys they like to give me I have started collecting them, its a nice hobby.

My Alpha upright is a lot of work though! She was injured when I adopted her, but she was to cute to resist, and I can tell you she is so worth it. I worry about her alot and have to keep a close eye on her some days, she is just like a pup and doesnt know when to quit, but usually a bark and a nudge gets her to take a rest.

I guess the thing I love most about my uprights is we are one big family, we do everything (mostly) together.

Some things that really bug me about them though is the big male, well he snores loud, I had to stop sleeping in the big bed cuz it was so bad, and kinda scary you know. Another thing I dont like is when the littler uprights start snarling and snapping at each other, I try to interupt them nicely but sometimes it doesn't work so I have to get loud!

I guess the last thing I really dont like about my uprights is when they get out that big loud thing in the back yard and little bits of grass fly out everywhere. I have tried to attack it, run it off and let it know whos in charge but it doesn't work. then my uprights put me inside so I cant get at it, dont they realize that they are in danger? how can I protect them from that horrible thing if they lock my up inside? Grrr.

Oh...I think I heard a squeek gotta run guys, like talking to you all hope we can do it again soon, Ruff for now.

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