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A few more questions about the MCK

Barney's Mom

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Could those of you with experience using the MCK please answer a few questions for me? I am planning on purchasing one after reading how everyone loves them. I really want Barney's fur to have that Cairn scruffy look.

1. How old are they when you first use the MCK?

2. There are so many widths and sizes of this thing. I know most of you said you use the 12 or 16 inch blade, but what size of the actual MCK do you buy? I found a site that had about 15 different sizes/widths!

3. Does it hurt the dog at all? The thing kind of looks like a torture device from a dogs worst grooming nightmare! Of course, if

all you Cairn lovers use it, I am sure it must be OK! :)


All creatures great and small, the Lord God, He made them all!

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Molly was 4 when I started using the MCK, as we had just gotten her. Her other owners had had her hair clipped at the groomer's, and it was very shiny and soft. I bought a # 10 - I believe it was designated "medium", and it was so easy to use. It is pretty much like brushing her, except you don't bear down as much. And I don't use it on her belly, since that part is very sensitive. I then bought a # 14- mini groomer-it's shorter than the other one and designated as "fine" - to use on her legs and face. This one has been a disappointment, as it seems to be too fine and not very much comes off. I find myself going back to the # 10 to take more off of her face. I run this over her hair about every 2 weeks, or when I notice that she's getting pretty hairy. She doesn't seem to mind it, and I give her lots of small treats every couple of minutes to reward her for being so good. I, too, was afraid of it when I first saw it, but believe me it works like a charm and certainly doesn't seem to hurt her. And I've noticed that her hair is coming in coarser since I've been using it. And to illustrate how good she looks a gentleman was walking by w/his westie and asked me "where I have her groomed because she looks beautiful!" As far as prices go, I bought mine at The Groomer's Mall -company is called Fine Edge, Inc. I paid 27.75 for the #10, and $5 for shipping. Hope this helps you. Molly's mom :)

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I use a #12 and it doesn't hurt Sophie at all. In fact she likes it better than the brush or comb. It works really good and I get complements on the condition of her coat. I do it about every 2 weeks.



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